The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


36. Lily and Mum

Chapter 36

" so are you ready to go in babe " I ask Niall who looked nervous he nodded I ran the door bell I see mums figure at the door and the door opens " Rose I missed you sweetheart " she says hugging me " and you must be Niall I have seen you and my Rose in loads of my favorite mags " she says and hugs him and he hugs her back I see Lilys shadow and I look at her she had Niall written all over her cheeks and she had Niall written all over her nails, hat, shoes, chlothes  and nearly every part of her body " wow you look greattt" I say and laugh " shut up " she hisses and stares eyes shining at Niall " whatever " I whisper Niall comes ans stands beside me and looks at Lily and has a smirk on his face he puts his arm around me " hey " he says to Lily " hey " she says " well come I have a sunday roast on " mum says and we start walkin to the kitchen " never knew youe sister was a fan " Niall whispers in my ear " well now you know " I say and laugh and we sit down besode the table which was layed out with chicken, potatoes, carrots and coke " wow mum this looks great " I say " yeah it looks amazing " Niall says and moves closer to me I look at lily who kept on moving closer and closer to him I look at Nialls face and see him blushing and lookin awkward " lets eat " I say and we start eating the food 

Done food

" wow thank you so much this was a amazing dinner " Niall says happily " thank you sweetie " Mum says gettin the plates and bringing them to the kitchen suddely Lily moves closer to Niall " Niall why do you like a slut like my sister im mich much prettier and am super hot " Lily says  " sorry but I like Rose and could you not call her a slut " Niall says annoyed " fine then " Lily screams and jumps on my making me fall to the ground and  starts punching me while I kick her and pull her hair Niall was trying to get her off of me but she was really strong and clun onto me scraping me with her Naills I see Mum come in and lift her off of me "LILY GET TO YOUR ROOM NOW AND YOU ARE GROUNDED "mum screamed at her " YOULL PAY ROSE I MEAN OT " lily screamed and ran upu the stairs while Niall cradled me in his arms " Im sorry I don't know whats gone over her " Mum says and fake laughs " well we better get going " Niall says bringing me to the front door " well bye Rose and Niall see you soon " mum says and closes the door " babe are you all right " niall says lookin at me worriedly " yeah I'm fine " I say and get in the car

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