The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


16. Kylie and sleeping

Chapter 16

"Well bye Rose" George says leans in and kisses me " bye " I say and close the door " Rose can I talk to you " Kylie says " sure " I say we go into Kylies room and she closes the door " I don't like George " she says " well its not your choice who I date or not " I say angirly " look Rose " she says and holds my shoulders " he doesn't seem what he is all sweet and charming I know that for sure " she says with honesty in her eyes " you just want him dont you " I say " look I hate him more than anyone just look out Rose I want whats best for you you are my best friend  and I love you like a sister" she says and hugs me " ok "I say and smile" well I'm tiered I'm gonna go to sleep" I say and walk to the door " night Rose " she says and I leave I walk to my door and remeber Niall storming off I hope he's in my room I open the door and see him under the cover rolled up looking cute as every " oh..." I say looking at him I grab my pj's and go into the bathroom and shower and cleanse my face I put my pj's on and go out of the bathroom and see Niall lying as he was when I left the room I lie down in bed beside him and turn the night light beside my bed off " do you love him " I hear him whisper .

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