The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


24. kiss

Chapter 24

We all get home and Harry and Niall go for the showers "good going Rose " Louis says happily " well guys I'm tired what about you " yeah I'm gonna hit the bed " Kylie says and gos to her room well me too" I say and yawn " well I guess all of us should go to bed " Liam says we all go to our rooms Niall was still showering I grab my pj's and sit at the end of my bed waiting for him to co e out he comes out only in his boxers but looking  fresh and good looking he sees me staring "you like what you see " he says and smirks " yeah hot pants " I say and walk over to bathroom and lock the door I lock myself and shower and clean myself up I go out of the shower and see Niall up in bed " hey " he says when he sees me " hey" I say " look Rose I had amazing a few amazing days with you guys and I havr wanted to do this all along - " he says leans in and presses his lips against my it feels so good and I could feel sparks flying I pull away " me too Niall I liked you all along " I say and kiss him again  we sat there kissing for ages until I needed to breath we lie down under the covers and I lie on his cheast " goodnight " Niall says and kisses my for head " night I say and drift off to sleep.

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