The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


19. Jack Wills , Messege and hairdressers

Guys thank you so much to who ever read  my fanfiction aswell I want to tell you that I will be writing a new one it is very different from this one and I hope you will like it . I_love_1D_21_6

Chapter 19 

" never been here " Perrie says as we all go in the shopping center " hey lets go to Jack Wills first" I say looking at the shop "lets go the" Kylie says and we all link  hands and start skipping to Jack Wills " omg I wanted this top " says Kylie running over to the top section and the rest followig her "well I guess I'll go by myself to the hoodie section" I sigh and start hesing tourds it I look at a purple hoodie that say Jack Wills on it and the I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket 

Unknown number

Hey Rose watch out before something bad happens to you because something will really bad I mean it           love      M

What who could this be M M M do I know anybody named M Mellisa Who else how did she get  my number " hey lets go somewhere else " Kylie says walking over to me " sure " I say and we all go out of the shop .

"Wow how many shops did we shop at " I say looking at my hands with 5 bags on each hand " loads " Kylie says a laughs " hey guys do you mind I want my hair dyed again " perrie says looking at the hair salon "sure " we all say at the same time " I want my hair dyed too "  I aay as we go in .

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