The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


41. I CAN'T WAKE UP !!!

Chaper 41

" wake up " they keep on saying in my ear which was now driving me mad i try to move my hands and legs but my body seems to not move at all I cant wake up talk , walk or move I might be dead but that can't be possible as I can hear the rest of the boys talking around me now " I don't think she can hear " I hear Harry say " Yes the doctor said she can hear " Niall shouted I could hear in his voice he was frustrated with Harry " well we better get to sleep then " Liam says when I hear the door open " hello I'm doctor Smith and I wanted to tell you that Rose has been hit against the wall causin her to loose a lot of blood and aswell from her cuts on her arms " he says " but will she wake up " i hear Niall say " well theres a 50% 50% chance she will wake up " he says sadly " just keep talking to her and tell her to wake up " he says " and get some sleep lads " he says and I hear him leave the room " well night lads " I hear Louis say and I hear them all get into their beds " night " they all say and go to sleep and so do I

the next day

I wake up and feel them all gettin dressed around me " hey Rose would you please wake up " I hear Niall say and the others after him OMG do thy know I can't wake up I feel myself boiling with anger " I WANT TO GET UP BUT I CANT GET UP " I scream and open my eyes to see myself in a with hospital with all the lads staring at me their mouths in a O shape " Rose " they all rush over to me hugging me I try to lift my head off the pillow when I feel a horrible pain in my head causing me to fall back on my pillow and moan in pain " ow... my head what happened to it " I say trying to touch it to see my arms full of scars " you don't remeber " Harry says confused I shake my head " well we where at a night club and your sister and another girl .... welll they hurt you .. " Niall says trailing off and all the images come back to me in a flash " they still haven't found the girl that hurt you do you know who mihht have wanted to hurt you " Niall asks I think and one and only one name pops into my head MELLISA .....

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