The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


7. games and sleeping

Chapter 7

" I'm tired " I say we played a load of games including truth or dare which ended harry messing zayns hair , Louis running down the hallway naked, zayn eating raw eggs, me getting pinned down to the floor and getting tickled to death,Liam prank calling his friend and kylie going on the balcony where all fans where. and screaming " I love one direction" we played blind mans buff, pillow fights and the cinnemon challenge which ended badly " fine let's go to sleep then " Louis says getting up " ok who sleeps with who? " I say " me and hazza "Louis shouts " me and Liam " Zayn says " me and Nialler " I say happy because I kinda like Niall to be honest " then thats sorted " Kylie says happy thats she's sleeping alone " ill get the sheets Kylie help me " I say going to the drawer  we get the sheets and get the beds ready night everybody says and go to their and Nial go into myn he looks at the posters on the wall of Little Mix and Katy Perry " you like little mix " he says pointing " no I just have them up on my walls for no reason " i say sarcasticly " do you know Perrie Is dating Zayn " oh... I forgot could he mabey interduce me and her cose I want a pic and autograph with her she's super pretty" "and so are you Rose " he says and makes me blush " I'm havinb a shower I say and gomin and lock myself just incase you know I strip down and have a relaxing shower I can't believe it me and Kylie are so lucky and girl would die to have a chance to meet one direction I finish showering put my pj's on and go out of the bathroom I see Niall alrady under the covers " hey " I say lying down he pulls me onto his cheast and we both fall asleep peacefully

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