The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


17. Forgot

Chapter 17

"I'm not sure yet I guess" " good" he says and snuggles down in his sheets why would he ask me that was the last thing I taught before my eyes started to close.

The next morning

I wake up in bed beside Niall I go into the shower and strip down I shave myself and shower I wash my hair and get out o the shower I brush my teeth and clense my face then put some natural make-up on I go out of the bathroom and see Niall wide awake "hey how did you sleep" "fine " I say and get my chlothes "well I am going to have a shower "Niall says and goes in the bathroom I gt my pink dress on and some sandals and tie my hair in a bun damn I hate my hair it looks horrible  . I leave the room to have breakfast I go in the kitchen and see everyone there allready I look at the time and it's 8:00 early for a sunday morning for them to be up " goodmorning" I say and walk in the room " hey " they all say " well you know how we have girlfriends well we kinda forgot that they were coming so if you want you and Kylie can go and shop while we go back to our apartment " Louis says looking embaressed " ok " I say " when will they be here " I say looking at the time again " 10 o clock " Liam says looking at the time aswell " well lets have breakfast then " I say and walk over to the cooker.

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