The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


6. everything fixed and a sleepover

Chapter 6

I run into the lift and start bawling crying I never did anything to her so why would she do such a horrible thing to me. The lift goes ping and I get out I go to the door and open it Louis was now chasing harry but they all stop when they see me "what happened "niall says rushing over to me "the reseption lady she slapped me and called me bitch" I say crying again" Liam come on "Niall says and the both of them leave " where are they going " I ask zayn who was sitting beside on the floor " probertly to sort things out " he says and wipes the tears off my face. " hey lets watch a movie and mabey you might calm down " "ok" I say sitting down on the couch " hey can we watch Nemo I have never seen the movie" Kylie says everybodys jaw drops " were watching nemo then " Louis says putting the dvd in and we all snuggle down on the sofs and watch the movie

"Well that was a good movie but where is Niall and Liam" I say worried and as if on que they both come in " Niall where have you been I was worried" I say relieved that they are back " you know the girl that slapped you well now she's fired"  he says and smiles "yahoo " we all say and start jumping up and down in exitment " but she called paps and told where we where so now there is loads of fans and paps outdise" Liam says sad I look through the window and their right there is hundreds of them all trying to catch a glimpse of one direction " is it allright if we sleepover for tonight" Niall says me and Kylie look at each other "yes " we both say "sleepver " Louis yells takes a pillow and hits me with it and it turns into pillow fight

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