The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


4. escaping

Chapter 4

"You go first " Zayn says pushing me to the door "ok" I say I open the door and peep out I look the coast is clear "don't follow me guys ill check for a way to get out" I slowly move and peep out the hall I cans see some workers at the end of the store and some in he staff area we would just about make it out of the shopping center I go back in to the changing room "guys we could make it out but we have to be quiet understand" I say it very clearly so everyone could understand everyone nods "ill go first" I say opening the door everyone  follows me I motion with my hands that the coast is clear "run" Louis screams damn what part of be quiet does he not understand "hey what are you kids doing in here " a man yells running over to us we all start legging it down and out of the shoping center with the man chasing us and we run out to safety I look for the bus stop and spot it "over there" is say pointing we all run over to it I look at the time table "were in luck the bus will be here in 10 mins at the most" I say happy now everybody could see everybodys faces i must say they all looked good as they had yesterday and we all sit down and wait for the bus

it's here " Louis yells "do you ever not yell" I say annoyed "nope" he says popping the p we all get on the bus hey lets sit in pairs I say we all sit in the pairs we slept with yesterday "thats not fair I want a partener" Louis says and pouts "well you wanted to be by yourself so here you go be by yourself" I say happy " no ill sit with you guys " he says and shoves me really close against Niall" 

Nialls pov

"Are you ok I whisper in Rose's ear she nods and stares ahead of her I kinda like Rose I think she's not like every girl she can take a joke like some others can't and I think she's really cute in her own way.

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