The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


5. drama

Chapter 5          Rose's pov

We're here I say pushing Louis off the seat he pouted and got up " I hate you" he says "I love you too " I say and smile we all run for the door and end up hurting each other we all gt off the bus in the end we walk tourds my apartment I unlock the door and the boys all gasp " what" i say with a smile on my face my and Kylies parents payed for this hudge place it had 5 bed rooms 3 bathrooms a kitchen and a living room me and Kylie lived in style I look on the counter and see a note the reseption lady left me


Hey Rose how are you well I have a parcel for you when you come back please collect it




"could she have not just braught it up like the letter" I whisper whats wrong Niall asks well I have to go and get so something down stairs "were coming with you " louis says we all get in the lift and go downstairs "hey sarah " I say with a fake smile on my face she hated me and I hated her " I'm here for the parcel " she looks through a bag and gives me a parcel wraped up in matalic cardboard paper " is that one direction " she says looking at them " no " I say telling the  them to go back in the lift with my eyes they all leg it " it is you bitch "she screams and suddenly her hand pops up and she slaps me hard across the face " your the bitch " I scream back at her and run to the elevator

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