The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


26. Date , Harry and Louis

Chapter 26

Knock knock " hear someone say " who's there " I say "food boy " Niall says " who's food boy " I say " Niall Horan " he says " hey can I come in I'm alone " " sure " I say I go and open the door and Niall was standing there with a sad look on his face "come in " I say he comes in " look I'm not talking to Harry or Louis " Niall says angirly " thy never think what they do " he says  " I know " I say " look you can't spend all day here in the bathroom " Niall says and smiles " so do want to go on a date at 7:00 " he says and smiles " sure but what will I do all day here at home " I say " well I have that sorted you and Kylie can go shopping for formal chlothes and well meet up at 6:00 cose the drive takes a hour which is far away " he says " fine by me " I say " well lets go then " Niall says he opens the door and I go out I see Harry and Louis droopy on the sofa and the rest in the kithen " Kylie we are going shopping " I yell Harry and Louis looka at me and mouth sorry and I just turn my head so I cant can't see them " yeah Niall told me and gave me a credit card to spend " she says " thanks Niall " I say " well lets go shopping the  " I say " but forst I need to clean myself up " I say.

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