The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


10. date and a surprize

Chapter 10 I get off the bus and head for my apartment when I my phone buzzes in my pocket 


hey Rose I was thinking would you like to go to the cinema with me we could see a movie you like and eat popcorn and drink coke at around 6 o clock i would pick you up?????

Oh.. how sweet he wants to ask me on a date I guess I have nothing to do so what have I got to lose


sure I would love to come I would love to see a movie nothing scary though I have nightmares from even watching a trailer let alone a movie see you at 6 bye

I go into the apartment and seee a different reseption lady she smiles at me warmly and I smile back at her before going in the lift I press the floor it goes up and I get out I go for the door open it and find it strangely quiet " hello" I say walking in I put the bags down I go through the door into the living room I look around and nobody was in sight " Kylie " I call I go and sit on the sofa I close my eyes " im so tired" I whisper I open my eyes I see Louis standing infront of me with a can of whipped cream and harry behind him with a black sharpie marker " you wouldn't dare " I say

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