The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


40. Coma

Chapter 40 

" where here " Harry shouted coming in the hospital with the others looking sad " who did that to her " Louis says sitting down beside me " you know her sister Lily well she did it and another girl " Her sister " they all say shocked " yeah they took her in a police car and drove her away " I say and put my hands on my face " why  why why did this have to happen to Rose " I mumble " son it's not your fault " says a voice I look up and see the doctor " well Rose seems to be alive but shes in a coma and we don't know when she will wake up " the doctor says sadly looking at me  " can we go and see her " I say " yes as long as you  ALL control yourself " he says looking at the lads and they nod " well go in then " he says and opens the door we all go in looking at Rose she was lifeless lying there " Rose please wake up " I whisper in her ear " wake up wake up wake up " Harry says in her other ear 

Roses pov 

" wake up wake up wake up " Harry says in my ear " I'm trying I want to scream now a lot pf voices were saying wake up to me Jesus do they think I'm deaf " I think she's dead " I hear Louis says and I hear a slap " ow... what was that for " he says " she's not dead the doctor said " Harry says  wait what hap

pened to me I strt thinking how I ended up here but I can't remeber not one single thing I might never ever wake up.....

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