The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


33. best night ever


Chaper 33

I wake up on Niall cheast last night was thr best night of my life I look at him and see him still asleep he looked so cute when he was asleep well might aswell have a shower I get off of Niall carefully not ot wake him and go to the bathroom I turn the shower on and begin to shower my body and hair I finish and look for chlothes " oh., crap no chlothes " I whisper to myself I take a towel wrap myself and open the door to see Niall awake " hey " I say " hey Kylie packed you some chlothes their in the black bag over there " Niall says and points to it " thanks" I say I go over to the bag I take it and bring it to the bathroom i  open it and see my purple galaxy dress with black sandals and my make-up pouch Kylie knows what I need I start getting dressed I apply some simple natural make- up and tie my hair in a high pony and put my old chlothes in the bag . I then go out of the bathroom " hey babe you look beautiful " Niall says and smiles " thank you " I say " well I'm gonna take a shower " Niall says and gts a black bag aswell where probertly all his chlothes were aswell there he kisses me and goes in the bathroom I then look at my hands and smile looking at the ring  it looked lovely amazing .










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