The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


34. back

Chaper 34 

so now me and Niall got out of the car and started heading for my aparments we had waffles and berries for breakfast wih cream (yummy) and we were now going to my aparment we go in the lift with Niall holding my hand and the lift dings and we get out and i take my keys out of my purse and open the door to hear not one sound me and Niall look at each other and exchange some expressions" Is anybody home " i shout " yep only me because the boys went back tk their aparments too see their girls I stayed back so we could go together " Kylie says and smiles I knew what she was thinking she wanted tol know what happened last night all the details I could tell on her face " well lets go to the apartments then " Niall says happily and kisses me I hear a cough and look at Kylie " do you mind " she says and me and Niall blush terribly

skip car ride

Niall takes his keys from his pocket and opens the door we all go in and see all the boys in their living room on the sofa with their girlfriends snuggled up and Harry by himself he sees us " Nialler , Rosie your back I was so boared all these weirdos were sucking each other faces off " harry says " it's not like you don't do it Hazza you practically do it with a different girl ever night " Louis says and Harry glares at him " so did you say yes Rose " Louis says lookin at me eyes shining " no " I say " what " all the boys say shocked " of course I said yes " I say and lift my hand up to show them the rin when Nialls phone goes off he takes his phone out of his pocket and answers it .


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