The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


11. attack and Niall

Chapter 11

I said it a little too late louis started spraying me allover and harry drawing things on my face while I try to get them off me " get off " I scream " no " they both say and smirk I use all my strength that I have left and pull them off of me I look over and see the rest laughing too deathi look in the mirror I had whipped cream everywhere on me and  doodles all over me " omg harry thas permenent marker" I say half screaming " and I have a date tonight" I say pissed off" a date " Niall says shocked " yes and these baboons put marker and cream all over me " I say and point at harry and Louis who put on innocent faces on I glare at them " I have to go and wash and clean myself " I say and go to my room I get some spare knickers and a bra and I hear a knock " who is it " I ask looking at the door " Kylie " " come in then " she comes in ans sits at the end of my bed " Rose I think Niall likes you like really likes you" she says looking at me " Kylie we are talking about Niall Horan here the most famouse band member in the world I don't think he likes me but I kinda like him I think he's cute when he's hungry " I say and laugh" well ill leave you to get dressed then " she says and leaves the room I go into the bathroom and strip down and take a hot long shower

Kylie' s pov

" so what did she say " Naill says coming over to me  " she says your a pop star and would never like her but she likes you and she thinks your cute when your hungry" say amd laugh niall blushes and nods " well shes getting dressed and cleaned now" I say and sit down on the sofa  

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