The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


39. Ambulance

Chapter 39

Nialls pov 

" rose rose " I screamed  while I held one of the girls who was struggiling now to run away " your not going anywhere " I scream and grab her by the wrists while the other one runs away quickly  I take out my phone and diall 911  and tell themthe location  and look at the murder" who are and why did you do that to Rose " I say nearly screaming " wanna know who I am well it's me " says the girl takes off her mask to reveal LILY " HOW COULD YOU SHE WAS YOUR SISTER " I scream " because she got everything perfect grades Looks amazing and mum loves her and so do you how is that supposed to make me feel " she said and strted crying when the sirens came and man got out of the car " what happened sir " he says calmly " this girl bashed Rose against the wall thats Rose over there " I say and point to her limp body and the man walks over to her and a police man comes up " is this the girl who injured the girl over there " he says lookin at me " yes " I say he takes Lilys hand and she screams " No No No " " you have the right to remain silent anything you say may be used against you In court " he says and puts hand cuffs on her while she cryed I looked at Rose and saw the man putting her in the ambul

ance " can I go with her " I say " yes " the ladie says and I get in " Is she going to be alright " I ask " well we can't tell itat this stage mabey when we get to hospital "  the ladie says and I hold Roses hand and whisper everything is goin to be alright  I should text the boys I think  amd tell them about Rose they might be worrying by now....
























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