The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


30. amazing

Chapter 30

The limo suddenly stops Niall opens the door to reveal a big boat with fairy lights everywhere and rose petals on the path way and classical music playing outside " OMG Niall this is so much" I say shocked at how beautiful everything looks " well come on Rose let's go in " Niall says he takes my hand and we walk down the rose path way it looked amazing we go inside the boat and inside was a table laid out with candles and rose petals everywhere we go and sit down at the table a waiter comes out " here are your menus " he says with a posh accent I take the menu " Niall this must have cost you a fortune you didn't have to do this for me " but I hade to Rose your special  to me very much and I mean it " he says suddely I feel tears welling up but I have to hold it in I dont want a macara melt down I order a steak and chips and Niall orders the same and we sit there chatting at how we first met at Nandos the the food comes in amazing plates I take the food and put it in my mouth and groan in pleasure " Niall this food is amazing " I say it seem like this whole night is amazing since thats all I'm saying we finifh eating our meal and order our deserts and they taste heavely we finish eating and stand up Niall walks on deck and I follow him we look at the sea and it looks beautiful then Niall turns around looking at me nervously and kneels down on one knee to reveal a red velvet box .

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