The one direction story

The story is about a girl named Rose and one day she meets the one guy she can't live without


1. nando's

Chapter 1         Rose's pov                                                                                                                                                                         "come on" I say practiclly draging Kylie "why do we always have to go to Nando's" she says and sighs "cose it's my turn to pick" "it's always your turn" she says and stops "so what "I say and start dragging her again "table for two" the man says "no table for 200" I say sarcasticly he sighs and leads us to to a table .We sit down and take our menus . The man comes over and we order our food.


Finished eating



"So what do you think should we go on holidays to America" kylie says I look at the door five boys walk in they are all joking and messing "Rose Rose are you even listening" Kylie says snapping her fingers in my face "yeah " I say and turn around to look at her she turns in the direction I was looking before and her jaw drops "Thats One Direction" she whispers  I've heard Kylie talk about them every single day of my life she plays their songs every second of the day I'm sick and tired of them "thats them they are so ugly" I say looking at them and pointing "shut up Rose " she says and slaps my hand "mind my bag I'm going to get a autograph and pics with the them when they sit down " she says getting out her camera and loads of pages" she walks over to their table and starts talking to them .

I'm getting bored so I might aswell see kylie's gods I walk over she was now talking a pic with a dark skined boy who looked pretty good "hey" they all say when they see me coming over "hey"   I say  "would you like a autograph and a pic" a curly haired boy says "no thanks I'm not a fan" oh.." they all say stunned 



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