On her wedding day, Ella couldn't have wished for more. She had everything, a prince, a palace, jewels and riches beyond imagination. But a hole fills her heart, yet she doesn't quite know why. On the other hand, Snow White is trapped in a loveless marriage with her supposed 'prince charming.' Meanwhile, Lady Tremaine, Ella's evil step-mother, still holds a heart full of hatred for her step-daughter. So when Lady Tremaine decides to call up some family to help brew up a spell for revenge, will all of the fairytale characters happy endings be in jeopardy?


2. Visiting- Snow White

Snow trailed purposefully through the thick forest, stepping easily the many rocks and roots as she had memorized the exact location of each and every one of them. She couldn't even count the amount of times she had walked down this trail. Ever since the Evil Queen had forced her away and she had come to live with the dwarves, Snow had been in and out of the house, constantly going down to the little pond to wash the dwarves clothes. She smiled quietly to herself remembering how long it had taken her to get all of the soot stains out. 

The trail she took was well worn and loved with boot prints, animal prints and every kind of print imaginable, which juts made it more entertaining to walk down as you could study the many types of feet. The trees arched lovingly over the little path with an air of history and wisdom, their leaves rustling softly in the wind. Snow especially loved when it was Autumn in the forest because the leaves didn't just turn orange and brown but they in fact turned to rich indigos, violets and even golds. It always made quite the scene when the sunlight bounced off the many colors. In the distance, Snow could even hear the familiar babble of the baby stream that ran through the enchanted forest. On some days, if the stream was feeling particularly talkative, Snow would kneel by it and listen very carefully to it's voice and on occasion, she would learn a helpful secret or two about the ancient realm. 

Snow's heart swelled with pure love for the wood, for its protective and true personality, for the knowledge and magic it held. This was the one place where she could always escape to, where she could sit in the comforting nook of a branch and read a book or simply listen to the birds singing. But alas, after Prince James had awaken her from her curse (not the she didn't mind being woken up) Snow had had to return to his palace where they were to be wed. Of course, Snow never truly wanted to marry James but once the king had made up his mind about the two, there was no escaping. Since then, Snow was rarely aloud to visit her beloved wood alone as it would be too 'dangerous' but what was worse than that was she was barely ever aloud to visit her seven closest friends, the dwarves, as apparently it would be improper for a woman of her status to be seen with seven men at one time. Snow had thought this preposterous, but what the king wanted, the king got. Thankfully, though, Snow had made a deal with the king that every 34th day of the year, she would be aloud to visit her brothers alone and today was that day.

For some reason though, she had wanted James to come along for once as he had never met the little men that she had come to love so much but unfortunately, James's childhood 'friend', Barton, had come over to the palace and the King needed to trade with Barton's father. This meant that James had to entertain his 'friend' which involved them playing chess, and if there was one thing James hated more than people, it was chess.

Snow giggled aloud at the thought of James slouching over the chess table, his shoulder length black hair covering his face, playing against an over-enthusiastic Bart. James preferred hunting and riding as opposed to games that involved strategy and thinking for he had always been one to act on impulse, not thought.

As Snow approached the tiny, well-known cottage, her heart leaped for joy and she practically started sprinting towards the door. She kicked of her high-heels (they were much to hard to run in) and called out to her odd but loved family.

"Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy!" Snow cried joyfully, "I am here!"

Suddenly, the door burst open with shouts of greeting and happiness as the seven dwarves pushed and squeezed past each other, trying to be the first to get to Snow. They all ran as fast as their little legs would allow them into their sister's arms, embracing the one they loved most.

Snow started crying as she stooped down, hugging them all. The dwarves's scraggly and white beards scratched her arms as their hats poked and prodded at her face. She adored that feeling. These were the men who had cared for her, who gave her a home, who fought for her when the queen poisoned her. 

"Oh brothers, I am so happy to see you!" She said, sobbing and laughing all at once.

"Really?" Bashful asked, blushing furiously.

Snow laughed, giving him an extra hug. "Of course, you silly dwarf!"

Looking at all of their faces, a warm feeling of bliss spread all over her but suddenly, it stopped. 

"Where is grumpy?" She questioned as she had only counted six faces.

"He is...ACHOO...he...ACHOO....he.....ACHOO....heisinthehouse!" Sneezy finally managed to say very quickly before another round of sneezes came on. 

"Well, why on Earth is he in there?" Snow muttered to herself. Secretly, Grumpy had always been her favorite. Once she had been taken in by the dwarves, they all loved her instantly, but it had taken a while for Grumpy to warm up to her but when her did, Snow and him had become very close as they surprisingly had quite a lot in common. 

She marched into the house, ducking her head under the door frame so it wouldn't knock off. Instantly she took in the surroundings before her. The little kitchen still had it's wooden walls and floors with the large fire place in the middle. The sink was placed off to the side where it was accompanied by a quaint and tiny table. Over to the far left was a comfy pile of homemade pillows and blankets where she remembered Grumpy always sat as she cooked for them in the kitchen.

Looking over the the pile now, she saw Grumpy twiddling nervously and Snow grinned but made sure he did not acknowledge his actions aloud. Grumpy hated ever showing his emotions publicly more than anything. Instead, she crossed her arms, stood up very straight and looked directly at him. 

"Grumpy! Not coming out to give me a hug? I am horrified!" Snow cried mockingly.

Grumpy then stood up and copied her exact actions. "Snow White! Not coming in to give me a hug? I am horrified!" He countered back.

The room was silent for a moment, nothing was to be heard except Sneezy's sneezes when suddenly Snow and Grumpy both cracked up laughing and fell to the floor. Every year since Snow mad gotten married, they had been doing the same little greeting to each other. 

"Oh Grumpy, you might not want to admit it but I will. I missed you so terribly much!" 

Grumpy grinned, which always looked a little forced and that was what Snow loved about it. "Snow, don't be daft. Of course I missed our little princess."

"You better of." She muttered, taking a seat on the dining room chair. It had taken a while, but she had finally managed to master the form she needed to sit on a dwarf sized chair. 

All the others sat down on the floor as well as they had done on so many nights previously when they were all going to tell stories. 

"Well, Snow, do you have any good tales for us?" Happy asked happily (he never stopped smiling.)

"Unfortunately life is very dry and boring in a castle, so alas, other than recounts of going to endless balls and pointless dinners, no. But, fear not my friends, I have nearly finished weaving a story of my own which I will tell after supper tonight." Snow told them excitedly.

"Why can't you tell it now?" Dopey wined.

"Because, first I must make our favorite truffle soup and then, when we are all full and mostly happy," She looked teasingly over at Grumpy, "I will tell my tale."

Doc stood up very formally saying, "That, Snow, is in fact much more convenient. Us dwarves must finish the days work load before we retire." 

"But Doc," Sleepy complained, "work can wait but Snow White can't."

Snow immediately interrupted, knowing how much the work meant to the dwarves. "Do not worry, my friends, I plan to stay the night and a bit of tomorrow with you all. We have all the time in the world! I will cook dinner with Grumpy and we will all sit down to eat when the sun has set." 

All of her brothers agreed simultaneously as they started to whistle their working song. Six dwarves piled out of the room with their axes as they made their way towards the mine to finish the day off, yet Grumpy stayed behind. 

"Ah, Snow, I'm flattered. I love how you think I am only capable of making truffle soup." He chuckled.

"You know you wanted to stay. I can sense that you have a question for me, anyways."

"How do you know I have a question for you?" Grumpy asked curiously.

Snow sighed. "I've known you long enough to be able to tell when your expression changes ever so slightly."

Grumpy sat down back into the pile of pillows and put his hands behind his head in a very casual manner but then, a few moments later, he sat up straighter, his face etched with wonder.

"How did the Prince manage to wake you up if you don't truly love him?" Grumpy blurted. 

Snow got a a small pan and started making the broth, her expression unchanged. 

"Grumpy," she started, "There are many ways to make a curse but with every way to make it, there has to be a way to break it."

"Of course I know that Snow, everybody does." He huffed impatiently.

Snow payed no attention to his impatience, though. "All of the most powerful magics have an opposite but also a match, that's how the universe stays in balance."

"Snow, I went to school." He said flatly.

Snow turned towards him, scowling. "Are you going to let me finish or are we going to be discussing your IQ all night?"

Grumpy put his hands up in surrender. "Sorry princess, continue on with you lesson."

Snow just rolled her eyes. "Anyways, the sleeping curse said that to break it, you needed true loves kiss, right? Well, I never truly loved someone in that way, which was a problem. But, thankfully, King George had a dispute with the Queen and wanted revenge so when he found out about me, he started planning. The counter part for true love just happens to be sacrifice," Snow continued, "and King George's son had fallen in love with a girl named Esmerelda. Once the king found out, he forced his son to give her up for the 'good of the kingdom.' When James then kissed me, Esmerelda... well died of a broken heart. James's sacrifice woke me up, that's how it happened."

Snow stared into her broth, every time she talked about James's sacrifice and Esmerelda's death.... well she couldn't help but blame herself for everything. Suddenly she felt a comforting hand on her back. Grumpy looked into her eyes angrily. 

"Snow, you must promise me that you don't blame yourself for what happened. It is the King's fault, not yours."

"I know, Grumpy. James tells me everyday, but still...." She sighed as she added the truffles in. 

Grumpy opened his mouth to continue but he was interrupted by six whistlers marching into the room. 

"Snow, we have returned!" They cried gleefully. 

She glanced at Grumpy apologetically, they wouldn't get to talk privately until next year at best. Snow shook off her sadness, though. Being surrounded by her family was much to happy of an occasion to be depressed. 

"I am glad you are all back, for the soup is hot and ready!" She smiled to herself. The soup was so simple but the dwarves loved it more than anything.

"We must wash up, brothers, come!" Doc announced. 

As they went to scrub their hands, Snow set the table with eight places as opposed to seven, setting a little bowl of truffle soup at each place. Once the family was back inside, they all settled down and began to eat. 

"Lovely!" One yelled.

"Magnificent!" Another cheered.

Snow was also very happy to be having simple, truffle soup herself as opposed to the rich and over the top palace meals she always had to eat and as she sat around her hungry and passionate brothers, she felt so over joyed she raised her glass of water high in the air. 

"To Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!" She shouted.

"To Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!" The rest chorused.

They all laughed and beamed as the chinked glasses. This was Snow's home and even if it were only for a night, she would take away enough love and goodness for a whole year.


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