On her wedding day, Ella couldn't have wished for more. She had everything, a prince, a palace, jewels and riches beyond imagination. But a hole fills her heart, yet she doesn't quite know why. On the other hand, Snow White is trapped in a loveless marriage with her supposed 'prince charming.' Meanwhile, Lady Tremaine, Ella's evil step-mother, still holds a heart full of hatred for her step-daughter. So when Lady Tremaine decides to call up some family to help brew up a spell for revenge, will all of the fairytale characters happy endings be in jeopardy?


3. True Loves Kiss- Cinderella

Ella wandered aimlessly through the crowds and crowds of people at the party She had never really even been a people person to begin with so she naturally had a little trouble with conversations. If anyone actually tried to talk with her, it ended up going a little like this:

"Congratulations Ella!"

"Uhhh.... thank you."

And then she would walk away awkwardly. Ella just smiled politely and waved her hand in a princess like manner at everyone, it was much easier than using words.

As she made her way over to one of the food tables and grabbed a fairy pastry (they were her favorite,) her ladies maid glared over at her with an expression that said 'put it down, we don't want you to put on weight.' Ella felt anger bubble beneath her chest. Just because she was forced to marry the prince and become royal didn't mean that she suddenly wasn't aloud to enjoy her own wedding party by eating cakes. 

So instead of putting the delicate, home made treat back on the table, she scowled right back at her ladies maid and popped the treat into her mouth, putting on an expression of pure delight. The maid looked horrified, for it was her job to make sure Ella was prepared for the life of a royal, but just to make things worse, Ella stuck each of her fingers in her mouth, licking them for a very exaggerated amount of time. Suddenly, her maid fainted right then and there and Ella couldn't help but grin cheekily. She shouldn't have put her through all that trouble but it had been too hard to resist.

A second later, a familiar tune drifted over the crowd and Ella knew exactly what it meant. It was the official opening dance to the ceremony that she was supposed to do with Char. Hastily, she made her way over to the little canopy that extended a top a section of beautifully cut grass that was meant to be the dancing area.

She pushed her way through brightly colored ball gowns that belonged to women with even brighter colored faces. Their lips were cherry red and hot pink, their blush so bright they looked as if they were glowing. The gentlemen dressed smartly in uniform with their swords hanging heroically out on the side, as if a dragon was about to attack at any second. 

Finally she made her way through the crowd and found an anxious looking Char awaiting her on the other side of the dance area. Ella quickly ran through the dance movements in her head before she curtsied and Char bowed. He reached for her hand as she extended hers, Char pulling her towards him. Unfortunately, he pulled a little too hard and Ella flew right into his chest, nearly knocking him over. Her cheeks flamed as she heard little chuckles from the crowd behind her. 

"Don't pay any attention to them, Ella, it was my fault." Char leaned in and whispered to her.

"You bet it is." She retorted back, grinning impudently. 

Char twirled her around, making her white dress fly out at the sides, nearly knocking a few other dancers over. 

"Mind the dress," She called, "It seems to have a mind of its own."

"Ella for heavens sake, we need to seriously work on your royal manner." Char whispered nervously.

"Oh stop being so boring, Char! I'm just trying to be as happy as possible on such a dreadful day." 

"I do love your optimism." He grumbled back sarcastically.

Out of the blue, Charming lifted Ella off her feet, whirling her around freely as if she weighed nothing at all. Ella had completely forgotten that move and almost shrieked as she was in the air. Almost. 

Once she was back on her feet, her forehead crumpled in concentration. She hated this part of the routine as she could never remember it.

"Left, right, left, together or right, together left?" She questioned quietly to herself.

Char just rolled his eyes and smiled, lifting her up onto his shoes. 

"Won't that hurt, I mean, my high-heels aren't exactly comfy..." She trailed off. She was grateful though, that Char was leading.

"No worries, Ellie-Bellie, I can't feel a thing." He winked.

They danced calmly for a little while longer amongst all of the wedding guests. Ella liked it when the sun hit the courtiers dresses in just the right place and made all the gems on the gowns sparkle and reflect tiny rainbows all over the place. The music was slow and sweet and it made little twinkling sounds that sounded exactly like a birds song. Yep, definitely enchanted music, Ella thought.

Finally, though the song started fading out but that only meant Ella's heart beat increasing. Char and her had agreed that after the first (and compulsory) dance, they could go find and say goodbye to their loved ones. 

Once the music fully ended, Ella did a quick curtsy and thanked Char before rushing of the dance floor before anyone else could ask her to twirl and spin and whatnot. Ella hurried over to the food tables again and slid her shoes under a table for she was dead tired of wearing them. She craned her neck over the crowd of sophisticated royals and guests, trying to scope out a simple stable boy when suddenly, she heard her name.

Of course many would be talking about her and Char, it was their wedding day. But the way someone had said her name was like they were tasting something horrible and they were trying to spit it out. 

Ella leaned into the general direction of the voice, straining her ears to pick up fragments of the conversation.

"-She so just, like, warmed up to him using her looks to get, like, rich and stuff." One said.

"Yeah, like she totally doesn't even love him, she is like, such a player." Another replied.

"I agree, she will only ever be a maid, NOBODY will ever truly except her." 

That comment felt like a punch in the gut to Ella. No one would ever except her, she would always be an unimportant speck of dust to them. She was nothing. 

The gossip had come from a group of young ladies who were all dressed in pink. They had huge hoop skirts that jutted out ruffles and ruffles of hot pink, all laced with bows and pearls. The girls' hair was all identically done, in a weird bow looking bun thing. All three of them also wore enough jewelry and make up to pay all the kingdom funds in one go.

Don't let those nincompoops get to you, Ella, shake it off. She told herself, but each of the comments had stung in all the right places. The word nothing jumped around in her mind and flashed before her eyes. Ella had been called nothing for ten years now, everyday she was reminded of her place with the soot by being called "Cinderella." She had thought that maybe, just maybe, she would finally be accepted, that she might finally be loved. But that hope was instantly smothered. Tears welled up behind her eyes as Ella started running, pushing past all of the stupid courtiers who were nothing more than spoiled brats in her eyes. Maybe of she just kept running, her problems would stop following her, maybe if she kept running, she could run out of her marriage, maybe-

Ella's body slammed at full force into another's. They both tumbled down a little grass hill, their arms and legs getting tangled together in a human knot. They rolled and rolled, like they were a snowball going down a mountain when finally it stopped. Ella sat up, the world spinning like a merry-go-round as she spit out grass that some how had managed to get into her mouth. Her face was covered with dirt and her dress had already gone from white to brown. Now they'll really think a lot of you, Ella thought to herself annoyed. 

She glanced up at the culprit, ready to eat him alive when her heart and words melted in her mouth. 


He grinned wildly, his face covered in mud and grass, his dirty blond hair ruffled in very odd angles. He looked perfect.

Suddenly, he grabbed her face and pulled her into him, kissing her passionately. When he pulled back, he fell down laughing. 

"Well, that was fun, want to do it again?" He chuckled.

"The rolling-down-the-hill-thing or the kissing, because I rather do the kissing, I think." Ella said breathlessly.

"Your wish is my command, princess." He smirked, leaning down to kiss her again.

As much as she wanted to lean into him, to love him, to let him have her heart, she knew deep down that she couldn't. Ella would break the news to him fast and quick, like ripping off a bandage. 

She put a hand on his chest, implying to him to stop.

"Edward..." She whispered, closing her eyes. "I'm married." 

"Gee, you don't say. Doesn't mean I can't kiss you still." He said jokingly, but Ella saw a slight sadness in his eyes. 

She sat up and nestled into his arms. 

"Eddie," her voice rattled, her heart thrumming madly, " have to stop." She choked, tears already making a trail down her face. She thought she could hear her heart breaking, literally.

Edward wiped her tears away gently with the back of his hand, like he had done so many times before. 

"Ellie, please, don't say that." He whispered, his voice tight.

"But I must, I must say it, Edward. We can't go on like this, I owe it to Char. I love you and you alone but I can't be like, like them." She cried.

Edward stared into her eyes frantically. She looked at his face so lovingly and painfully it made her heart scream. Her stable boy was about to ride right out of her life. 

"Ella, we can do it, we can run away together, start a new life, I've heard of royals doing it before, we can, too." 

She shook her head violently. "And what happens to them, Edward? They all end up in the brig or worse." She replied harshly. She wasn't mad at him, she was angry at the rules, rules that stopped love, rules that forbade happiness. 

"Ellie, please." Was all he could manage as tears started running down his face, too. 

This was the moment she heard her heart rip in her chest. Closing her eyes, she shook her head, mouthing 'no.'

Edward inhaled sharply and Ella could feel his whole body shaking as if he was going into traumatic shock. He instantly gathered her up in his arms, fumbling with her abominable snowman dress. Edward pressed his lips fiercely against hers, his hands traveling around her back. The kiss was hungry and desperate, one last plea. Ella ran her hands through his hair as he tumbled on top of her. Her heart beat so loudly she thought it might explode as her cheeks inflamed with love. Finally though, she pulled back and stared right into his eyes, the one man she would love and never stop loving. Tears streaked down both of their faces, their lips swollen from kissing. 

Looking up at him, she simply whispered "I'm sorry." Before she left him and did the one thing she trusted she knew how to do most, she ran. 


Ella had known it was going to be bad, talking to Edward but she hadn't realized it was going to be THAT bad. Her legs felt like lead by the time she had made it up the hill and her dress was torn, beaten and looked more like a funeral dress than a wedding gown. None of this, however, stopped her from running farther and farther.

As she dashed behind the wedding reception, she found herself going into the direction of the forest which lifted her spirits greatly. She could finally find solitude and peace in the loving arms of the tress, where she could think amongst the birds sounds, where she could smell the warm aromas of honey and pine. Pushing her legs harder, she saw something out of the corner of her eye. To her utter disbelief, a great white horse stood proudly near the entrance of the wood. She had been told once that there were no such thing as a coincidence so she decided to go and try to mount the steed.

Slowing her pace down to a slow and cautious walk, she approached the great snowy mare with curiosity. The beautiful creature grazed peacefully in the grass, its strong, athletic body just peeking out from the shadows that tried to hide it. Even though she looked completely calm and tame, Ella sensed that this horse could do a lot of damage if approached abruptly. 

She stopped a few paces ahead of the horse where she looked up and studied Ella with motherly eyes. They were big and brown, filled with wisdom and gentleness. Funnily enough, the steed came over to her and nuzzled her shoulder. Ella was in utter shock. Never had a horse approached her in such a kind yet upfront manner before.

In that moment, Ella decided to push her luck just a little bit further as she imagined all the more ground she could cover by riding horseback. She jumped up onto the mares back with practice and grace as the female steed instantly took onto her. Ella felt as though she had found her missing puzzle piece by sitting atop this fine beast. She recalled a conversation she and Edward had had long ago in the stables. He had said that a horse will always find its rider and when that happens, it will feel like you found your other half, in an animal sense. Of course, after he had told Ella something so touching, she had kissed him like mad. A bitter feeling in her heart settled over her. She could already feel herself turning to stone from not being aloud to love the one she loved.

Anger once again coursed through her veins, her very being and Coincidence (She had decided that was a very fitting name for the horse) seemed to sense this. Automatically, Coincidence whinnied loud and gleefully, just before she set off in a full on gallop. 

Ella's long golden hair whipped back, fanning out behind her as her eyes burned with the wind. The trees became a blur from the speed as they weaved in and out through the thicket like ghosts, not making a sound, not bumping into a thing. The air whistled past Ella's ears as she bounced ever so slightly up and down on her horses back. This is what Ella loved, she loved how every problem just turned into one worry: Not hitting anything. 

After what seemed like hours, the sun began to kiss the horizon as it sunk deeper and deeper down. Coincidence started to slow to a leisurely trot as the forest started to thin out and they exited onto a small lakeside. The little ripples rolled lazily up and down on the shore and Ella dismounted, digging her toes into the rough sand, feeling the grains scratch ever so slightly over her skin. Coincidence dipped her head to the lake to take a long drink as Ella started ripping more and more of her wedding dress off until it was a short, white sundress like thing. 

The sky was painted with blood oranges and rosy pinks. Ella could even make out a few streaks of lilacs and indigos. This was always her favorite time of day as it wasn't a specific time like morning, afternoon or night, but in fact it was like an in-between time where nothing much was expected of you.

The birds started singing in a very relaxed tone, for the day was almost done. Ella herself sank to the ground and laid her head back, staring up at the glowing angel in the sky. She smiled to herself, her mother always told her that the sun was actually a big angel that glowed because they were so good and loved the Earth so much. Thinking these happy thoughts, Ella closed her eyes, not worrying about much at all, just being there.

All too soon, though, that solitude was over. An annoying twinkling sound began and soon enough, it began to get louder and louder. Ella sat straight up on high alert, she had heard that sound before, that annoying little sparkle. And suddenly, she saw a young teen with wings perched in a tree with her legs crossed, talking on her wand with a love sick expression on her face. 

She knew all too well who that girl was. It was her pesky fairy god mother.

"I know, right, he has like those gorgeous purple eyes and that spiky blue hair and OH don't even get me started on his-" Ella threw a rock right at the fairy. If it hadn't been for her, maybe she would've been able to freely love Edward.

"AHH!" She screamed as she plummeted down from the branch. "What in the wand was that for?" Ember Heartwitch shrieked as she stood up, her wings fluttering furiously.

Ember had violent red, pink and purple hair that curled around her in almost heart like shapes and she wore a layered rose petaled dress accompanied by indigo leaf shoes. Her wings swirled upwards in little wisps, almost as if they were made of fire and little gold flecks of extra fairy dust floated all around her. 

"Gosh, I don't know, maybe for ruining my life!" Ella spat back furiously. 

"Well somebody's on that 'special time of month' aren't they?" Ember huffed, blowing little strands of stray hair up.

"Emmie, why are you here?" She asked, annoyed. Ella really didn't want anything to do with that fairy anymore.

"What did I tell you, Ellie, there is no such thing as a coincidence, I sent that horse to pick you up, you know." Ember said knowingly as she sat back down on the beach. 

"Well whatever your hear to say, say it quick." Ella snapped. 

"I have only one thing to say, but let's here about you and your happily ever after!" Emmie squealed with delight.

Ella glared back at her coldly, not saying anything. She knew Emmie could read her mind and she didn't feel like repeating the days events. 

Embers face dropped instantly. "I knew I should've warned you about this before you went to the ball. All magic comes with a price." She smacked her hand to her forehead. "I'm sorry Ellie, you know I'm still a fairy godmother in training."

Ella just stared out into the lake, not responding.

"Bad break up, huh? Don't worry, I get them all the time. Here." She said as she snapped her fingers, producing a tube of something, "I went to another realm the other day and apparently, after a bad split, the girls get a spoon and eat this weird food substance called ice cream."

She flung the suspicious tub towards Ella with a spoon. She was kind of hungry and anything sounded good at this point, as long as it got her mind off of Edward. She picked up the tub and studied it. 

"Rocky Road ice cream?" She made a face, "That sounds like it would kind of hurt to eat, don't you think?" She glanced over at Ember who just shrugged her shoulders. 

"I only said a lot of girls eat it, I never said it would taste good." Ember retorted.

Ella popped off the lid and dug her spoon into it, tasting the milky and creamy ice cream. Not bad, she thought.

"Listen, Ella, I'm really sorry about the whole ball thing, but listen, I came here to warn you about something, about a dark curse that may be coming."

Ella instantly looked up at the teenage fairy. There hadn't been a dark curse in the land since she was a baby. 

"What is it?"

"Well," Ember began, "I've only started learning about reading the future, it's a very difficult puzzle to solve, you know. Anyways, the only thing I know is that there are some people who want vengeance on you, Ella and sooner or later, they will get what they want." 

A cold feeling spread throughout Ella's bones. She instantly thought of Lady Treamaine, her stepmother, but that was just too much to bear and she shook the thought off immediately. 

"Is that all you know? She asked Ember.

"Yes, but if I find out more, I will fill you in. Now, I sense that your prince is looking for you. Don't worry, I'll send you to him. See ya around, Ellie!" She beamed.

"Wait, Emmie-" But before she could say anymore, the world began to twist and turn, slowly morphing into the royal suite in the castle. It was the last place Ella wanted to be. Stupid Ember. At least Ella still had her Rocky Road Ice cream. Once the scene settled and she was safely transported into the room, she ripped the lid off of the tub. She peered inside and saw an empty carton. Scowling, she picked out a delicate pink note, it said:

Sorry, Ella, couldn't resist finishing this stuff off. It is really good!

Love, Ember Witcheart

Dear God, she hated that fairy. Suddenly the door handle turned and Char burst into the room. 

"Ella!" He shouted, running over to her. "I was so worried, I thought, well you know...." He trailed off and Ella knew what he was going to say.

"Don't worry your royal heinie off, I'm right here." She said stoically.

"Ellie...." He bagan.

She raised a hand to his face. "Char, not in the mood. Don't even start." 

His face morphed into one of utter defeat. There was a few counts of awkward silence before Char said, 

"Well, what now?" 

Ella looked at him pointedly. "I am not sleeping with you. Let's just get that out there now."

Her prince's face portrayed that he was beyond disgusted. "Oh, God, Ella, what the heck? Just...what did you say that for?"

She held up her hands in surrender, cracking a grin. "Just sayin'." 

They both then looked at each other once before they fell on the floor laughing. They laughed so hard and so long, they started wheezing. They looked positively ridiculous, Ella wearing a torn up wedding dress, Char wearing his pajamas. It certainly was a sight to see. 

Once they caught their breath, the momentary relief from the sadness ended. Both of them were silent for a while and the only thing speaking was the crackling fire behind them. Char pulled up a blanket and they both settled down on the floor to sleep, just like they had done when they were children. 

As Ella's eyes started drooping and the last of the sunlight faded away, Char simply said, mostly to himself, "What a messed up world we live in." just before he fell asleep and boy, Ella couldn't agree more.


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