Bad Boy, Bad Boy

Zack Johnson; your typical Bad Boy. Smokes weed, drinks alcohol, goes to parties, doesn't care about school, has sex with any girl he thinks is hot, has a nice body, basically he's just BAD. Zack couldn't give a care in the world. That is before he meets Summer. Summer Daniels; your typical Good Girl. Good grades, doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, hardly goes to parties, virgin, studies hard, cares about her future, wants to go to the best college, basically she's just a PRINCESS. Zack and Summer are total opposites, but, you know what they say, opposites attract.


1. the Meeeting, Greeting & Hating

Zack Johnson walks into school, first day of his Senior Year. Pants sagging; Black Calvin Klein boxers showing; Weed & iPhone in pocket; Ripped Jeans; Plain white T-shirt; Biker Jacket; Snapback; Girls swooning. Everything he wants, he gets. He winks at, Bethany James; The Most Popular, Prettiest, Richest Girl in School. If you dated her, you were the Most Popular Guy at Ridgeway High School. He wanted, NEEDED to get into her pants, BAD! He walks to her locker, she stands there with her sidekicks; Maria and Jamie. "Hey Bethany," he says seductively. "Hey there, Zack." "You know what I want, right?" "Well, you're just like everyone else. You want me." "Come to the Concert tonight, meet me there?" "Sure, I might." Bethany takes the paper with the address of the Warehouse on it, and, walks down the hall. Her long brunette curls swaying as she walks; her black mini skirt fitting perfectly around her slim waist; white cropped shirt fitting her muscular slim stomach, showing her belly button ring; her ankle booties hitting the ground with perfect rhythm as her long tanned legs walk, making the guys love her. 


Summer Daniels walks into school, her first day as a Senior. Ready for the year to be over, because she's Valedictorian of her class. Aqua Blue Hollister shirt; fitting skinny jeans; her infinity & I <3 God necklace. Swaying as she walks; the smell of her Victoria's Secret perfume filled her nose; brand new green converse, showing off her black socks; iPhone, her Mini Bible; her Lucky purple pencil; and her Owl key chain, fills her pockets; her pink Jansport book bag; she was ready for the first day. She spots an empty spot in the gym, so she sits on the bleacher, and, pulls out her Astronomy book. The noise in the gym clouds around her. She pulls out her iPod 5, and puts in her yellow headphones, and, plays Nirvana. When she sniffs, she smells a mixture of smoke; Abercrombie & Fitch Cologne; Soap; Liquor; and Axe Deodorant. She looks up and infront of her, was, the one & only, Zack Johnson and his Band Members, Riley McNaughton, David Hamilton & Drake Bacchus. I politely tap his shoulder, "Do you mind, moving maybe? It's just you smell like smoke and that smell really irritates my nose." "Yeah? Well why don't you move, bitch." He looks at Summer, as if he really thinks she has an explanation. The kids in the Gym start to look, and, we gather more and more attention. The word 'bitch' did echo in the gym. Summer gets more, and more angrier. She's never been called a 'bitch' before. She raises her hand back, and, slaps the 'bitch' out of him. He turns back, his face red with fury. He gets up, and over her, he looks like a giant. He throws the book out of her hand, and smacks the iPod 5 down. He pulls her up by her shirt, and slams her against the wall, his body on hers. "Don't ever, put your hands on me, you got that, Nerd?" His breath smelled of weed; toothpaste; and Strawberry gum. He was..... attractive. 


Principal Akers walks into the Gym, and, pulls him off of Summer. The kids start returning to their seat, and, Principal Akers walks them to the Office. "Mr. Johnson, I'm not shocked to see you here. Ms. Daniels, I am shocked. So what happened?" The office was silent. Tears ran down Summer's face, for she had never been in trouble before. "I called her a bitch." Summer looks up shocked & surprised. "Oh, you did?" "Yeah, I did. You gonna suspend me now?" Principal Akers look from Summer to Zack. "No, I'll let yo off with a Warning. This time." Zack and Summer are dismissed from the Office. In the hall, Zack stands infront of Summer. Zack pulls her head up by her chin,and looks into her Aqua Blue eyes. "Don't ever cross my path again, got it?" Summer shakes her head, yes. He lets her chin go and walks to class.

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