Prince Charming

To getting the person you wants, but what happens when it's all a lie? When the truth doesn't come out until it's too late? What if you find that the lies just get bigger and you end up in the middle of everything?


16. To forgive betrayal!

Perrie came! I don't know how she managed to unnoticed come into the room and I don't know what time of the day it was, but she came to me. I heard movement and that someone sat down.
"You look like a fool!" she muttered, and I recognized her voice immediately. "You're an idiot, but that's another story!"
I wanted to sit up and slugging her, but still I couldn't even move a finger. I heard her sigh.
"You're such a wimp!" she muttered and I wondered immediately why she even took the time to visit me? "Niall is devastated and I have succeeded!"
I balked.
"He fucked me and thought he would get rid of me!" she laughed cold. "I got him to obey me and I got him where I wanted., It's something that you will never succeed., You're as good as dead!" 
God, how I wanted to hit her!
"You know Nelly! There are two kinds of people: Those like me, those who win and who gets what they wants. Then there are those like you, those who lose all the time!" 
Okay, she had little right, but I was still mad at her!
"Niall loves you and even if you are dead, he loves you!" She said cold. "You got him, but you will never know about it!" 
My thoughts stayed! Huh?
"And just so you know! I will play the lead role towards Niall. We will kiss each other at the end and you'll never get to see. I will kiss him so much that he doesn't forget me!"
Huh? Now you lost me.
"He's mine, Nelly, and I'll make sure he remains mine. You came in and screwed it up, but when I think about it, I won anyway. You believed Harry when he called you and I laughed at you afterwards!" 
I wanted to wake up, turn me up!
"Harry lied to you and I got my revenge! He's good at playing the theater and I knew you would trust him!"
Please Nelly! Sit up!
"God, what am I doing here? Talking to a fucking idiot who doesn't get anything? I don't even know why I came, but shit the same!"


She left me and I realized the truth. Niall had told the truth! In a way, I was still angry at him. He had chosen the easy way out and I guess he had still lied to me. What would have happened if I hadn't come to them? Would he lie and tell me he had just had sex with me?


I was split! I was in two parts. Some part who wanted to be with Niall and some part who didn't want to be with a guy at all!


I got better and one day I was able to open my eyes. Dad cried with happiness and he stared into my eyes, as if he had missed them.
"It will be good again, baby!" he whispered and wept on his face. I don't think I had seen him cry in all my life, but now he looked like a broken-hearted father and it made me suffer. I swallowed and tried to make myself understood, but how? I blinked and immediately he was startled. He pulled him selves together and smiled uncertainly.
"Can you blink?"
I blinked.
"Okay!" he got out of himself and wiped his face. "Can you blink one for yes and two for no?"
I blinked once, paused, and then blinked twice. Dad cheered.
"Oh good?" he got out of it. "Are you hurt?"
I blinked twice and he lit up.


I couldn't choose the subject and I could only say yes or no! Perhaps not say, but for me it was a way to talk. Dad asked questions and I blinked. It felt like we got a good contact and I realized how little I had bothered him. It was as if we got a second chance and that if we realized how important it was to care about each other. Sometimes he read the newspapers, sometimes he just talked and sometimes he made sure that I got a TV in my room. It was as if he was trying to create a life for me, but I got tired off it pretty soon.


Niall came back and dad left the room. He had explained my yes and no answers. It was as if my dad wanted us to talk it out, but how? I couldn't say a single word.
"Hey!" Niall uncertain mumbled and looked at me. "You look better, but I know that it's wrong to tell you!"
I looked at him and felt my stomach tingled. I wanted to mention that Perrie had been there and that she had said it all.
"I was at school and told that I'm not in the theater!" he said, and it made ​​me smile. Niall didn't see that I smiled, but I smiled! 
"I left because it was too much!" he said and looked at me with sad eyes. "I don't know if you want me to stay, but I would at least like to tell you a few words!"
I blinked and he balked.
"You want me to talk?"
I blinked once and Niall lit up.
"So you listen to me?"
I blinked and he swallowed. He took my hand in his and seemed to collect his thoughts. The old Niall was gone and there was a tormented man left.
"I never meant to hurt you like that!" he whispered. "I did it with her. She steered me where she wanted, and I apologize for that!" 
Niall was crying again.
"I just wanted to remove her from your life and live on with you. I didn't appreciate what I had and once you were gone ..."  
He looked down at our hands.
"If you wake up from this state I'll take care of you. I will cherish you and I will do everything for you. I swear it!"
I wondered what he meant? Which state? I would get better and I wanted to walk one day. Of course everything would be better?! Or?
"I told your dad before that I regret everything and I told him everything. Not that we have had sex, but I told him about Perrie and what she have done!"
He looked into my eyes again.
"I hope you can forgive me?"
I blinked once and immediately fell Niall silent. He looked at me for a long time and then he swallowed.
"Was that a yes?"
I blinked once and immediately he threw himself over me. He couldn't kiss me, but he hugged me. I wished I could feel his arms. I wished I could tell him I loved him, despite the betrayal!


Somehow I felt that I could let Perrie go. She could no longer hurt me and she could no longer get to me. She had already done everything and made ​​me understand that it's only she who do wrong. No other person!


Slowly, I made progress and Niall was the one that stayed with me most of the time. It started when I was able to move the thumb. After a while, I could move all my fingers and eventually my hands. Small steps, but for me it was great!

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