Prince Charming

To getting the person you wants, but what happens when it's all a lie? When the truth doesn't come out until it's too late? What if you find that the lies just get bigger and you end up in the middle of everything?


13. To find out everything

I woke up to my cell phone rang and I saw that it was Niall. I didn't reply, and turned it off. I couldn't stand him and I didn't wanted to talk to him. I wanted to land and collect my thoughts. Still, he called five times that day and in the end, the doorbell rang. I realized that I couldn't hide and therefore I put on my robe. I went down the stairs, pushed the code to the alarm and opened. It was Niall and he looked worried.
"You don't answer when I call?"
I sighed
"I'm sick!" 

Niall went in and closed the door behind him. He looked genuinely worried and I wondered if it was the truth? Did he played theater or not?
"Sweetheart!" he mumbled and hugged me tightly. I took my arms around him and answered hug. I wanted to puke over him, but I knew that Harry was right. I had to play it well and not mention that I knew.


We went up to my room and I crawled into bed. Niall lay down beside me and held me tenderly in his arms. I felt that I started to doubt myself. Imagine how Harry had lied to me? Think if Niall loved me and it was Harry who was the culprit?


"They were not here last night!" I whispered, looking up at him. Niall smiled and looked at me with his blue eyes. He showed no signs of lying.
"It's great that they give up?"
I sighed and tried to think of how I would test him. Perhaps he would say too much, or maybe he'd give me a signal that I was right?
"It's funny!" I whispered. "When you are here they always come, but when you are at home, they will not!"
He looked honest, and he laughed a little bit.
"They are jealous of us, on what we have between us and Perrie is such girl. One don't know what she's planning in!"

The thoughts spun around and I put my head against his chest. I closed my eyes and chose to relax. One side of me just wanted to be close to Niall, feeling him against me and not think about the other. It felt so surreal that Harry had told something and maybe that he lied? 


I woke up and opened my eyes. It was dark outside and Niall was close to me. I looked up at him and noticed that he looked so peaceful. He looked down at me and smiled big.
"You've slept all day now!"
I yawned and hugged him. I wanted to continue to be in my dreams. It was all so perfect, and no evil existed. I didn't want to face reality and take part in what happened. I looked on the laptop, but no one was standing outside the house. Again, I wondered if Harry had lied.


Niall started to kiss me and this time he was loving. It was like a new person and he touched me so perfectly. He lay down on top of me, but let my clothes be. He pressed himself between my legs and immediately I took my legs around his waist. His kisses were soft and he almost tasted to me.
"You're hot!" he murmured, and drew his hand across my forehead. I groaned and felt his boner ended up perfect for my sensitive part. Niall lit up immediately and pulled down his pants. He just took my panties off and then he articulated a condom.
"I'm sick!" I whispered directly. He caressed me across the face and smiled reassuring.
"I love you Nelly!"
He took the condom and penetrated. Again, I forgot all doubt and let him touch me. I felt he was careful this time, and he showed the entire body that he loved me. Or was it just an act?


I came and pushed me gently towards him. Niall made ​​sure I reached the stars and my whole body shook with pleasure. When I landed, I felt that he came and he pressed himself lightly into me. He moaned against my ear and I felt him shaking with emotions overflowed.


"Seriously Niall!" I whispered. "Why do we always have sex?"
He lay on top of me and kissed my neck lightly.
"I love you and you love me. This's my way of showing my feelings!"
I sighed
"And you don't have sex with someone else?"
Directly he raised his head and looked into my eyes. He frowned and looked sincere out.
"Clearly I'm not with anyone else. You are my only one!" 

I swallowed and tried to to read his face.
"Okay!" I got out of me in the end. "I trust you!"
Niall smiled and took off the condom. He laid it on govlet and then caressed my face.
"You must never doubt me!"
I saw in his eyes that he meant business. Again: Harry lied or was it Niall who played great theater? Niall looked honest, and he seemed to mean every word.


I chose to stay home the next day. I went on line and went through both Nialls and Perries twitter. I read through all the posts they had written, but found no indication that Harry was right. I went through everything and in the end I nearly gave up.
"You'll find nothing here!" said Harry suddenly privately to me. "They show no emotion on the web!"
I sighed and answered him.
"Haz, I doubt that you tell the truth to me. Where's the evidence?"
It did take some time, and then he replied.
"I'll find proof for you, but it takes a while!"
I smiled weakly
"Good luck!"
"Thank you!"


In the afternoon, I decided to put all doubts behind me. As long as there was no evidence it's silly to worry about it all. I showered and put on my clothes, then I left the house. I went to the park and decided to enjoy the moment. There weren't many who were out walking, but I wasn't completely alone.


Suddenly, someone caught my attention. I saw Perrie go in between the trees and directly I went after. I followed, and in a distance. I saw her walk past a stream and away to a clearing. She stopped and stood still. I hid behind a tree and watched as she searched for something or someone. Perrie took the cell phone and sent a message. Then she sat down in the grass, but keeping an eye around her. I stood there, wondering if I did the right thing. It was wrong to snoop!


Then I was shocked. I saw Niall come over to her and immediately she stood up. She smiled at him and gave him a hug. I almost fainted, but was still standing still. He released her and they talked for a while. I didn't hear what they said, and wondered if I wanted to know more? Niall raised his hand and caressed her cheek. It made ​​me realize that maybe Harry was right. He kissed her and she responded to the kiss. Direct I picked up my cell phone. I took pictures of them and chose to stay where I was. It hurt me and I didn't want to see more, but I had to have evidence against him. Maybe he had a relationship with her after all?


What happened next made ​​me feel worse. They lay down in the grass and they had sex. He didn't use a condom and seemed to like what they did. I took more photos, but felt the tears came. I was disappointed and this time, I was angry. Would I go up to them and show that I was there? It struck me that it would be the right thing, but at the same time I felt ashamed. It was I who had followed them, and it was I who was snooping.


Nevertheless, I took courage and with tears streaming down my cheeks, I went up to them. Both Perrie and Niall looked shocked at me and he sat right up.
"It's not what it looks like!" he mumbled.
"Yeah!" I whispered and then looked at Perrie. "You win, I give you Niall and you get the role in the theater. I tell the teacher tomorrow that I don't want to be in."
She just gaped and didn't know what she would say. Niall pulled up his trousers and stood up.
I blinked and looked straight into his eyes.
"Niall, don't make it worse than what it is!"
Then I turned around and went home. I cried inconsolably and I just saw fog in front of me. The truth hurt more than not knowing anything.


When I got home, I picked up his camera and computer. I put it in the bag and sighed. It was over and I could return to be the great tit as I still was. I took the bag over my shoulder and went down to the hall. I went straight home to Nialls and knocked on the door. His mom opened the door and looked at me in surprise. I gave her the bag and couldn't bother to explain why I was crying.
"It's Nialls!" I whispered instead and went without that she could say anything.


In a way, I felt relief, but at the same time i felt a missing. I knew I was right and that I didn't want Niall to do more. He was no prince charming. He was an idiot and I didn't loved an idiot.







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