Prince Charming

To getting the person you wants, but what happens when it's all a lie? When the truth doesn't come out until it's too late? What if you find that the lies just get bigger and you end up in the middle of everything?


4. Thoughts and other things

I don't know why I started to dream away. The reality was boring and I didn't want to live my own life. Sara was as usual on the bite and we sat in the library. We studied and I tried to read the book that lay before me. The words spun around and I realized that I soon had to give up.
"Talk about easy math test!" I heard Sara say and I nodded a little absently.
"I told you that?"
She smiled at me and seemed so confident. She put down her pen and looked at me closely. It was as if she had something to ask, but didn't dare. I looked up and met her gaze.
She made that face that she always had when she thought and she smiled a little bit.
"You like Niall, huh?"
I swallowed and looked down at the book again. How did she know?
Sara didn't give up and leaned across the table towards me.
"You stare at him often and when we're in the same room as him, you smile always silly!"
I sighed and felt myself blushing. I wasn't used to talk feelings with others and especially not with her.
"He's cute!" I got out of me and directly Sara laughed teasingly.
"I knew it!"
I looked up at her and showed on my face that I didn't like the subject. Niall was my private world and I didn't want to share him with anyone else. I had few things that I cared about and Niall belonged to that stuff that I really cared about.
"There's nothing more to tell you!" I said shortly. "You know as much as I do that he don't even know we exist!"
Sara became serious and nodded a little bit. She leaned back in her chair and looked at me from a distance.
"Well I know, but you're not the one who usually fall for guys. You always tell me that they're idiots who are just looking for sex?" 
I knew that I used to hate guys and I did still. But I didn't hate Niall. He was the only exception among all the guys.
"I know!" I mumbled "I hate guys but there are exceptions!"


When we came out of the library, we direct saw Niall. He stood at the parking lot and talked on his cell phone. Sara smiled a little bit and we stopped on the stairs down. I looked over at him and felt my stomach tingled. Sara looked at me with amusement and then looked toward the parking lot.
"I understand why you like him, but he's the enemy after all! He hang out with the wrong people at school!"
I sighed and nodded a little bit.
"But it's not his fault! They were the first ones who went up to him!"
Sara sighed and began to walk towards the bikes.
"Forget him!" she mumbled a little bit. "He will not look for you, how much you even try to be seen!"

I tore my gaze from Niall and followed her. I heard Niall talk on the phone and I sighed lightly. He had a wonderful Irish voice, and he had so perfect pronunciation. It was as if he was born to talk, but didn't know about it yet.


We took the way through the park and in the end we split up . Sara went to her home, and I to my home. I didn't take the road past Nialls house, and came directly to my own house. No one was home, so I chose to go straight up the room. I took out my homework and sat down at the computer. Life sucked! I would forever be that girl that no one saw.

"I'm home ! " I heard my father shout from downstairs. I got up and went down to him. I still wanted to say hi and see how he was doing .
"How are you?" he said and smiled at me. I sighed and sat down on a chair.
He looked at me for a long time and then started to pick away on the bench.
"Did you miss a test or something?"
I looked at him, thinking. I didn't want to be honest, but in a way I had always been that to him.
"It's a boy!" I whispered and looked down at the table. Dad stopped and looked at me with big eyes .
"So my little girl found a guy? Who's he and when will I meet him?" 
I shook directly on my head and looked up at him. I blushed, but I don't think my father understood that or saw it.
"He hasn't seen me yet!"
Dad sat down next to me and smiled weakly at me.
"Then he missed the most wonderful girl in school!"
I frowned and shook on the head.
"I'm not popular dad and you know it!" 
Dad smiled dreamily and looked at me with loving eyes.
"It wasn't me either when I was in school. I was bullied and many times I didn't even go there. But you know what happened?"
I shook my head and he continued.
"Time changes everything, and one day I discovered that I was worth as much as everyone else. I dare take on myself and then I met your mother. She saw me for who I was and it wasn't about being popular or not!" 
I sighed and looked down at my hands.
"But that was before, today the school is different."
He didn't give up.
"No, darling! It's the same as before, but much tougher. Someday he will see you in the same way I now look at you. Just give it time!" He paused, then he smiled. "You remind me so much of your mom when she was in your age. She was so beautiful and I fell for her at once!"
I smiled weakly and met his gaze. I knew he missed my mom a lot, but somehow he went on.
"But my mother wasn't like me!"
He smiled
"Well, she was smart, beautiful, and she made ​​me laugh!"


Sometimes I wondered if I really was like mom. She was so beautiful and I remember how I was combing her hair. I was five years old when she died in a car accident, but I don't remember the funeral. I cried and I remember that dad cried a lot. We struggled on and one day it was as if life just went on. We couldn't turn back the clock and I got into something that seemed normal. Dad met Mary and actually we learned to live with the grief. I must admit that she had to fight to get my approval, but we agreed and she was like a second mother to me in the end. Mary said many times that she didn't want to take mom's place and I believed her. No one could replace my mom and no one could be as perfect as she was. Not even I...!


In school, everything went on and weeks passed quickly. When Friday came, a teacher a good idea.
"We will do a theater production!"
Perrie in it, and she immediately said that she would have the leading role. The teacher smiled at her and shook the head
"Everyone should learn a text and make an audition against each other. I will hand out the roles for you!"
Sara raised her hand
"And if we don't want the lead role?"
He smiled at her.
"You'll still do as everyone else., It's not you who decides your role!"
Sara gave me a quick glance and I smiled reassuring to her. There was no way in the world that we would have a role at all. We had no talent and we were certainly not those who wanted to act. I heard Perrie said that she was born to be a star. She talked with Niall and the others.
"Everyone should have the same chance!" I suddenly heard Niall say and I smiled with my whole face. I didn't look at him, but his words made ​​me feel good.
"It's not you who's the center of the world!" he continued and Perrie seemed to become angry.
"Maybe not, but I have talent!"
Liam agreed with Niall and laughed a little bit.
"Then you have nothing to worry about. Makes the teacher says, and you get your part?"
All were given the same booklet with paper. There was there roles and it was about true love. I smiled big and looked down at the roles that would be awarded. There was only roles for few of us, but I couldn't bother. I would rather stand in the background and watch.
"Page three!" said the teacher and hushed the class. "You should all learn this page by heart. On Friday next week, you shall audition for me and those who are the best and have
practiced most will get the lead roles!"


"I'm not going to practice!" said Sara as soon as we came out of the classroom. "I have no chance and I don't care!"
I sighed a little bit and looked at her for long.
"But what to get the role and Perrie be without? It would be exciting?"
Sara looked coldly at me
"If you're looking for vengeance, you can play the part? I'm not interested!"
I sighed and put the papers in my bag.
"I'm not good at that, but you have the chance!"
She didn't answer and went straight for our student lockers.

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