Prince Charming

To getting the person you wants, but what happens when it's all a lie? When the truth doesn't come out until it's too late? What if you find that the lies just get bigger and you end up in the middle of everything?


5. Theater performance

I must admit that I was practising in the theater. Every night, to be honest ! I saw before me the way I played against Niall and how he took me in his arms. He would hug me, look into my eyes and smile. "You know that my feelings are not theater?" I would smile back and laugh world shrouds. "Oh Niall, you are just so charming!" Then he would kiss me and the crowd would cheer.


The reality didn't look like that. In reality, our teacher didn't give me a good role. He would look at me and shake on the head. "I'm sorry but you don't fit in the theater. You get to play a tree and stand still in the background!" I saw before me how instead Perrie got the part and she would play against Niall. I sighed and continued reading the paper. I read through the entire theater and smiled weakly. Love, betrayal and misunderstanding. In the end, he would understand that she was the right person. Actually, there was a kiss with and that was the end of the performance. I smiled weakly and realized that it had still been fun if I had been given a role!


All week everyone was talking in class about theater. Sara wasn't interested and I kept myself away. Niall didn't direct nor interested, but Perrie didn't talk about anything else. She was sure that she would get her role and she had practiced. I never said I had done the same. No one had bothered!


"She's not normal!" muttering Sara one day. "Even Eleanor's with her and think they are the best. Perrie will get the role and certainly Zayn or any of the others., It's so typically!"
I met her gaze
"But why don't you believe that everyone has the same chance?" I didn't want to admit that I also wanted the role. Instead, I played as if it was just a question.
"Look at us!" she said instantly. "No one gives us such a role., We are not looking like the,, we don't fit in and everyone else would just laugh at us!"


Still, I practiced!


When Friday came the teacher took us to the school's stage and everyone had to sit in front of it. He walked up and stood in front of everyone.
"Here we'll show up the act for the school and your parents. I believe you all shall be on the stage and you should all participate. You who don't get roles will be extras and play people who are just there."
I sighed lightly and looked around. Perrie sat with a straight back and looked already like a winner. Eleanor seemed to think that Perrie would get the role, and they looked happy. I realized how little chance I had. Niall sat diagonally in front of me and I saw that he didn't care. He looked as if he was listening, but didn't put any energy into the subject. I realized that neither he nor I was meant to get a key role.


The teacher went down and sat with us. He took out a notebook and a pen.
"Who wants to be the first on the scene?"
Perrie raised her hand and immediately he smiled at her.
"Okay, You and Louis are going to play against each other. I hope you've been practicing?"
Louis came with Perrie up on stage and they began to freely make an appearance. Perrie put down all her energy in her part, but Louis joked more and didn't take it seriously. I just laughed a little bit and followed them with my eyes.


Slowly, the teacher went through the class and in the end he turned around to me and Sara.
"And then there's the two of you left. Which guys haven't been up there?"
Niall raised his hand and a guy named Matt.
"Kim and Niall can go up!" I heard the teacher say and immediately I became nervous. I felt my legs was shaking and I realized that this was a mistake. Niall and I? Niall just turned around, smiled to me and went up against the stage. Sara laughed a little bit and saw how I reacted.
"Come on and take a chance. So close to him, you'll never be again!"
I gulped and nodded a little bit. I stood up and walked towards the stage. My legs were shaking and I felt myself sweating.


I managed to carry the words. I could just imagine how it was just Niall and me in the room and I almost forgot all the others. Niall did well, but stumbled just once. He forgot what he would say and directly I whispered to him his reply.
"You shouldn't think that you are something!"
Niall smiled and said it out loud. His eyes sparkled and he tried his best. When we finished, I was quick to go down and sat down on my chair. Niall went after me and he looked at me before he sat down on his chair. It made my stomach tingle just more. He actually looked at me before he sat down. His eyes met mine and it was like a dream.

"You were great!" Sara whispered to me and seemed surprised. "Talk about that you also can get a role?"

I sigh easy
"But we have no chance!"


"Okay!" the teacher said when Sarah and Matt had done their work. He stood up and turned around  to face the class. "I will now go through the roles and when I'm done I hang it up outside the classroom. I wish everyone good luck and you were all really good!"
I sighed, and as usual, Sara and I were the first one to get out of the room. We went over to the cabinet and to my surprise did Sarah smile big.
"Then you have to get a role. Now I don't give myself until you come to join in! Perrie might get the lead role, but you should be there too!"
I sighed and opened my student lockers.
"I had believed in your words yesterday, but I played against Niall and I was so nervous!"
Sara frowned.
"Everyone was nervous except Perrie!"


AND it happened!


To my great surprise Niall came up to us. He smiled and looked at me me with his blue eyes.
"I just have to tell you that you did well and you can really act!" he said to me and I almost fainted.
"Thank you!" I mumbled. Niall laughed a little bit.
"I forgot the reply, but you knew everything by heart?"
Sara took her arm around my shoulder and looked proudly at him.
"She's the best!"
Niall agreed, and he quickly looked away towards his gang.
"Yes, some of us shouldn't think they are the best!"
I understood that he was referring to Perrie and Niall didn't like that she was so self-conscious.
"I don't hope she gets the part!" he said honestly, looking at me. "It would have been fun if you could get it!"
I blushed, I fainted (not) and my whole body was in turmoil. Niall really looked at me and he looked happy. He seemed not to care that I was ugly, a wimp or even me. Instead, his gaze was happy, he smiled and his eyes seemed to like to look at me.
"I wish that Kim gets the part!" said Sara, looking directly at me. "You did good!"
I didn't know what to say. Niall let me not go with his eyes, and Sara was completely changed. I saw that Perrie looked at me sometimes and maybe she saw me as a rival? Or she looked down at me and knew I wouldn't get anything!
"So are you going to eat?" Niall got out of himself and Sarah was just as flabbergasted as I was.
"Well, it's time for that!" she murmured. Niall smiled at us and took his hands in his pockets.
"So I get to sit with you? I'm tired of Perrie and others. All they talk about is the theater and things like that."

Sara and I nodded. I don't know if it was one of my dreams or if it really happened. He wanted to eat food with us two. With Sara and me!
"Are you sure?" I got out of me. "I mean, you don't usually hang out with people like us?"
Niall looked embarrassed and quickly looked down at the ground.
"But then it's about time I get to know you? I don't think I've talked to you before?"
Sara agreed with him.
"You've never ever have looked at us!"
Niall cleared his throat a bit and I realized that he was embarrassed. I was almost glad for his reaction and realized that I should take the chance.
"You are more than welcome to eat with us!" I said sure and he looked directly up at me with a grateful smile.


When a dream really come true, you become a new person. I became a new person! I smiled and I dare say things to Niall. He tried to talk to both of us and he was just as charming as I imagined. Instead of talking about things that he and the gang did, we talked about general things. He seemed to want to know more about us and he told us a little about himself. I was in heaven and didn't want to come back.


Then came the reality back. We went to a new lesson and Niall ended up with his gang in the classroom. Still, I was happy. Now he knew who I was and he had talked to us. Sara seemed as happy as me and smiled big.
"You were right!" she whispered to me. "He isn't like the others!"
I just nodded with satisfaction and listened to the teacher.


When the cast came up to the door, outside the classroom, was everyone there. I was too nervous and chose to go with Sara back to our lockers. I put in the books and looked at her with serious eyes.
"We wait until everyone has gone?"
She nodded a little bit.
"You had right? We don't get no role in the show, but we did our best." she had a smile and looked straight at me. "YOU did your best!" 
"You too!" I whispered and smiled at her. "Even if you couldn't the replicas!"
She laughed
"I haven't been reading that before today!"


Right as it was Perrie came up to us. She held her back straight and her head high.
"I hope you're happy now!"
I swallowed
"With what?"
She snorted
"Don't play innocent. How'd you do that? Did you fuck the teacher or what?"
I understood nothing and Sara went immediately angry.
"We don't know what you're talking about, but is there anyone who fucks it's you!"
Louis came and looked apologetically at us. He pulled Perrie away from us and directly I looked in wonder at Sara.
"Don't tell me that we got a role?"
Niall came up to us shortly afterwards and when he gave me a hug, I lost my mind.
"What is it?"
He smiled and released me.
"You got the lead role!"

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