Prince Charming

To getting the person you wants, but what happens when it's all a lie? When the truth doesn't come out until it's too late? What if you find that the lies just get bigger and you end up in the middle of everything?


12. The truth!

We practiced the play the day after, but this time I wasn't really in the mood. Everything that happened in my life spun around in my head. Perrie, Niall and what was happening outside my home. It felt like I had lost control and I felt sick over it.


"I want to be alone tonight!" I said to Niall when school was over. "I want to go home alone and we meet in the morning!"
Niall looked almost frightened out and hugged me tightly.
"But what is it?"
I sighed
"I just want to be alone and I'll call if I need you!"
He released me and I understood that he wasn't sure. Perhaps he sensed that I had doubts about the relationship?
"I just want to be me for one night!" I whispered and Niall had to give.
"Do you call if something happens?"
I nodded and smiled weakly.
"I promise!"


Mary was surprised when I came home alone.
I sighed a little and sat on a chair in the kitchen.
"I want to be alone!"
She sat down on another chair and seemed watched me closely.
"What's happened or is there something with him?"
I didn't want to tell her what we did, but at the same time maybe Mary would understand me. I was afraid of the truth but at the same time not.
"He has changed!" I said it was true. "He's not the same guy I fall in love with!"
"What's he doing to you?" Mary asked directly, and she looked as if she cared. I met her eyes and swallowed.
"He always gets what he wants, even when I say no!" 
It was as if she knew what it was about. She was silent for a moment and seemed not to know what she would say.
"So he gets his way?"
I sighed
"Promise not to tell Dad. He will go crazy and throw out Niall!"
Mary nodded and I saw that she blushed because of the subject.
"I promise, but I don't know if I'm the right person to talk to. I care about you and you know I love you as if you were my daughter?" 
I looked down at the table and knew she meant well.
"I know, but I don't know what to do with Niall!"
She smiled weakly
"Guys have a willingness to want more than girls. It's the way it is!"
I looked up at her.
"But every day?"
She cleared her throat a little and I knew it was a difficult subject. She blushed lightly and seemed collect her thoughts.
"Young guys have a bigger appetite for testing, but we girls don't. We confine ourselves with less, but they can all the time!"
I smiled weakly and realized that we might finish the topic. Eventually I began to laugh and hid my face in my hands.
"I feel stupid when we're talking about it. Maybe we should change the subject?"
Mary took my hand across the table and looked into my eyes.
"If it feels wrong now, it will not be better!" she whispered. "If Niall doesn't listen to you now, he will never listen to you!"
I sigh, adding light and looked down at our hands.
"But I love him!"
Mary smiled weakly.
"With love, you can go far, but not all the way. One day you will perhaps find a guy who fits you better."


I came into my room and looked at Nialls laptop. It was quiet outside the window and I smiled weakly. I let it be and sat down with my homework. I tried to avoid Niall in my mind and I tried to go back to the person I once was. In a way, I was missing my old life. Okay it didn't happen a lot and I felt unloved, but it was quieter then. Niall had changed a lot and Perrie was destroying everything. It was as if they were one and the same person? Then it struck me that Niall might not tell me the whole truth? Think if he abused me just to get back at Perrie and get her to respond? Niall might not even care about me?


Actually I got the idea to call me Harry. I had the class list, and his cell phone number was included. He answered and sounded tired.
"Yes, hello?"
I swallowed.
"It's Nelly!"
He stopped immediately and I heard that he almost held his breath.
"What do you want?"
I swallowed again and almost regretted that I called.
"I want to know the truth about Niall and Perrie!" I got out of me. "Is there anything that I should know between them?"
Harry was quiet and he didn't want to answer. I was almost angry.
"I promise not to tell them that I talked to you!"
Harry was still quiet and I felt that I got somewhere. Was I wrong or was I right? 

"What do you want to know?" I heard him in the end and he almost whisper it out. I realized that I was right.
Harry gulped and seemed unsure if he did the right thing.
"They have a love-hate relationship between each other!" he whispered and I heard that he was afraid. He seemed so uncertain. "They haven't had sex, but they are testing each other all the time and when Niall went with you, I was surprised. I didn't think he could let her go, but he did it."
I swallowed
"So he love me?"
Harry sighed lightly.
"I do not know!"

I sat down on the bed.
"And why are you outside my house and make burglary?"
Harry was silent for a few seconds.
"She knows that he's with you. If he's not with you, we will not be there. Perrie is completely in to getting Niall back!"
I swallowed and didn't know if I should cry or not.
"So she was in my house?"
Harry snorted lightly.
"Of course she was, she was the first in his house, but when he wasn't there, she realized that Niall was with you. She thought he would understand that she had the power, but he doesn't give up. He will do anything, so she must be desperate and give him the power!"


"What shall I do?" I whispered to an end. I was scared and realized I was an insignificant person in Nialls life. He wanted Perrie and not me.
"Play like you don't know anything!" Harry said immediately. "That day he finds out that you know, he'll be as crazy as her. They're the same idiots both, but he hides it well!"


I cried! How could I have been so blind, how could I have fallen for Niall? I wasn't afraid, not angry. But I was disappointed!


At night I lay a long time listening to all the sounds. I looked over at the laptop, but no one was standing outside my house. I didn't know what to feel any more and I wondered if I was doing wrong or the right thing to being with Niall?


In the morning I lay in bed. My dad stuck his head and looked puzzled at me.
"Aren't you going to school?"
I sighed and looked up at him.
"I have a headache today and I don't feel so good!"
He looked at me long and then looked at the clock.
"Okay, stay home and take it easy, I call the school and say you're sick!"
I nodded and put me down right again.
"Turn on the alarm!" I got out of me before he vanished away.
"Okay!" I heard my father say, and I chose to go back to sleep.


The truth was that I wasn't sick. I couldn't just go to school and meet Niall. I couldn't be the one who stood between him and Perrie. I could hardly be his girlfriend any longer! He had once said that he was faithful to me, but I doubted that part. I doubted everything he had said.

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