Prince Charming

To getting the person you wants, but what happens when it's all a lie? When the truth doesn't come out until it's too late? What if you find that the lies just get bigger and you end up in the middle of everything?


8. Not so easy

I was unsure when I got to school. Sara met me directly and smiled big at me.
"So how is it?"
I was just about to answer her when Niall appeared. Sara watched as he took my hand and immediately she understood,
"So you two ... well .... you?
Niall laughed and nodded. He looked at me that I was scared, but he showed me not to worry.
"Kim is my girlfriend!" he said proudly and Sara just gaped. She stared at our hands, then up at Niall.
"You're serious?"


Now you think I would feel like a new girl? I would come to school and show that I certainly also had a boyfriend? Okay, I tried, but when Perrie appeared disperses everything. I wanted to die and just glide through the floor. She stared cold on us and then came up to Niall. She looked straight into his eyes and seemed anything but happy.
"So you chose to leave me alone after she had taken the role?"
Niall didn't absorb.
"She treats her friends with respect and you can't win every time!" 
She almost seemed to boil with rage and she looked at him coldly.
"So you intend to disappoint me when I need you the most?"
Niall just smiled faintly and I felt that he held me tighter in his hand.
"Perrie, you don't need me! Behind you, you have four guys who worship you. Why not give them your time?"
She stomped on the floor.
"You should be with us and not with the idiots. You know what we have said to you. Everyone else in the class is useless and ...!"
Niall interrupted her
"So then I'm also useless!" 


It was a funny atmosphere in the school. Niall remembered with us and everyone seemed to talk about what we had or hadn't done. Matt came up with Sara and seemed curious.
"Is it true that Kim has been with the teacher to get the part?"
Sara laughed, cold and shook her head.
"She's a virgin so how could she have done something with the teacher?"
Niall just smiled at me and I felt that I blushed. I wasn't a virgin any more, but didn't bring up the subject.
"So Niall hasn't got a lot off money to be with her?" Matt continued and seemed to do everything to avoid my gaze. Directly I saw at Sara that she was angry. She stood up and looked at everyone in the class.
"Kim hasn't fucked teacher or paid Niall money. Couldn't you believe she has had to fight more than the rest of you!" 
The female teacher turned crestfallen at her. She was only silenced but wrinkled on the forehead.
"Excuse me but what are you talking about?"
Sara sighed
"There are rumours about my friend in class and at school, but none of it's true. Why do you allow Perrie spread it about Kim? She hasn't done anything wrong but still they keeps on!"
I felt watched and looked directly down at my hands. I heard Perrie just scoffed at the claim.
"But it's pure facts!" she muttered, "Niall is paid and the teacher fucks Kim!"
Our teacher was immediately quite rigid, staring at Perrie
"You shouldn't use those words in my classroom."
Perrie just sighed and didn't care.
"And whores shouldn't have a go at school!"

I was surprised when Niall stood up. He spun around and looked coldly at Perrie.
"I'm with Kim because I love her. She's not like you and she never will be so mean and evil!"
"Oops!" whispered Perrie cold. "The little tit got courage?"
Niall sighed directly.
"You can't always get what you want and Kim got the role because she's the best. You isn't the best any more!"
I pulled down Niall so he sat down.
"Stop defending me., It only gets worse!"


My suspicions were true. Theatre teacher came up to me and looked down at the floor.
"Harry has backed out and his whole gang!"
I just wanted to die.
"Should I quit?"
Directly he shook his head and looked at me thoughtfully.
"No, but I have to find someone to take over Harry's part!"
I lit up and pointed directly at Niall.
"He can?"
And so that dream come true, but not without problems.
"He must practice!" murmured teacher and went to Niall. "You must act in the lead role, but it takes a lot of you and you can't back out off it if you saying yes!"
Niall just smiled and looked directly at me. He understood what it meant, we would play theater together.
"No, I promise to practice and Kim can do it with me?"


Okay! First time we would try to practice, we ended up lying in bed and kissed each other. I laughed and looked directly mischievous at Niall.
"You'll never get the role!"
He smiled and laid on top of me. He caressed my face and didn't seem to care.
"We have time to practice!" Then he kissed me again. I felt how he pressed himself against me, but this time I didn't want to go any further.
"Come on!" I got out of me. "You'll just make excuses all the time!"
Niall sighed a little bit and rolled off me.
"But it's so boring to practice!"
I smiled at him.
"You promised! And once you can your replier you will be a new person!"
He looked at me and our eyes met.
"I'm already a new person!"


So how reality can be so perfect?


It was as if I finally understood what it meant to live and I was a happier person. Mary took me and bought new clothes, but this time I chose clothes with more colour. I really wanted to try to become a new person. Mary was just happy that I liked the clothes more and she even bought new makeup to me.
"You're beautiful!" she said, and I saw that she meant it.
"I've never felt beautiful!" I said right away, but she looked at me with different eyes and I saw that she meant it all.
"Kim, ever since I came into your family have you been hiding. Stop hiding!"
I swallowed.
"How do you mean?"
She smiled and seemed to dream away.
"You were a gray mouse, and it got worse over the years. Eventually I realized that I couldn't change your mind. You wanted black clothes and you wanted to be quiet. You weren't the one that took place, but now you finally got it. Dare to be yourself!"


When we got home dad met us at the door and he fell silent instantly. He stared at me from the bottom up. Then he smiled big.
"Who are you?"
I just smiled and hugged him tightly.
"Your daughter Don't you remember me?"
He answered the hug and I heard that he had tears in his eyes. It was happy tears.
"You are as beautiful as your mother!" he mumbled. "I almost thought she was the one who came home!"

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