Prince Charming

To getting the person you wants, but what happens when it's all a lie? When the truth doesn't come out until it's too late? What if you find that the lies just get bigger and you end up in the middle of everything?


3. My Niall in my dream

Sara came back to school. She had been sick for a few days and actually it was nice to hang out with her ​​again. Sara was one of the few who saw me. She looked at me often and she made ​​me smile sometimes. She had no idea about ​​my dreams, but she knew me pretty well.
"Welcome back!" I said and hugged her lightly. She hugged me back and then smiled big.
"It's nice to come away from home. Mum has been nagging like an old bitch and taking mine temperature every day."
I smiled at her and we started walking towards the classroom.
"You haven't missed much!" I said. "We will have a test in math next month, but we have time to study for it and it's nothing difficult!"


In the long break, we sat outside the dining room, on a bench. Sarah was reading a book and I chose to start studying for a test. We always sat silent and let the food slide down properly in our stomachs. Right as it was, I heard Harry's voice and gently I peeping up. Harry stood with Niall and talking about a game. They stood in some distance from us, and I noticed that they were completely in the conversation. Niall smiled and laughed as usual. He talked with the whole body, and Harry listened to him. He was so perfect! Nialls eyes sparkled and his lips just moved in time to the words. My heart ached and my stomach tingled.


"And that kind of guys never change!" I heard Sara say and I looked at her. She also looked at Harry and Niall but had a completely different opinion. "I still remember when Harry lost a shoe in the water and we had to get it!"
I nodded and looked back at Niall.
"It was a long time ago!"
Sara snorted.
"But the wounds remain inside! Harry and the others, I will never be nice to them again. Not until the day when they apologize for everything and it will never happen!"

Niall sat down on the floor with his back against the wall and Harry did the same. Niall had so perfect legs and I saw how he stretched them out in front of him.
"Niall isn't like the others!" I mumbled. I realized that I had spoken loudly and directly I blushed. "I mean.... he hasn't been mean to us?"
She looked at me and seemed surprised.
"You mean I should accept him? He's with the wrong guys, and it means that he will one day be like them!" she gave Niall a quick glance and then looked down at the book. "Just wait and see! He will be like Harry, Louis and others. Someday he will tease us or say something just to make others laugh!"

I didn't listen to Sarah. Niall wasn't like that and he would never be like the others. Niall was kind and he cared! He was Irish and they can't bullied girls. They danced and just loved the green stuff. Talk about that I had preconceived ideas about Niall?


As usual, I passed Nialls house on the way home. He dad was out in the yard and cut the grass. I hid behind a tree and peered at him. Niall was like his  father, and I saw the same eyes on him. He whistled and pulled a heavy mower in front of him. I wondered how Nialls father was? Think he was strict, but he looked so nice. Maybe he was as kind as Niall. I almost dreamed myself away and didn't notice that Niall came into the yard. When I noticed it I hid completely behind the tree.

"Hey Dad!" I heard Niall say and then shut Nialls dad of the mower.
"How was school?"
I heard they were going to go in and I puffed out. Niall hadn't seen me and I remained to be an insignificant person.


I sat at the computer when I got home. I searched the net and found Nialls twitter page. I looked at the photos and enjoyed. I wanted to know everything about him and I wanted to be a part of his life. Well, maybe not a part of his life, but I wanted to know some about what he did.

"On Saturday party at Harry!" Eleanor had wrote on Nialls side and I sighed lightly. Niall got invited to a party, but I had never even been asked. One time I had been invited and that was when Sarah had a birthday party. It was just me who did come, so after that did neither she nor I go to parties.


In the evening I checked if Niall or someone had posted something new on twitter. I created a private account, but did find a fake name. I called me: "Invisible and anonymous!" It sounded like me, but still not! Perfect! I even dared to follow Niall and the other on twitter. No one knew it was me.


I lay under the covers and thought of Niall again . I saw his face in front of me and I felt the entire stomach tingled . He had been sitting just a few feet from me and I had almost been a part of his life. I let my hand slide down between my legs and saw before me how Niall came towards me. He kissed me and he caressed my body intensely. I could almost feel his lips on my neck and his palms against my breasts. I stroked myself faster and spread my legs . I touched my fingers over my clitoris and moaned quietly . I put the pillow over my face so that my father wouldn't hear me , then I moved on the hip and let a finger slide in . In my imagination, it was Niall who touched me and I felt the way he made ​​me scream. I was panting against his ear and he said my name over and over again . I groaned and let one more finger slide into me. I bumped hard and finally I came . I felt my body shook and how I squeezed the muscles around my fingers. I bit my lip and slowly petered the orgasm out. I collapsed and the guilt came back .

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