Prince Charming

To getting the person you wants, but what happens when it's all a lie? When the truth doesn't come out until it's too late? What if you find that the lies just get bigger and you end up in the middle of everything?


7. My dreams come true

On Sunday, the same thing happened again! Niall called and woke me up.
"You always sleep?" he said teasingly, and made ​​me laugh.
"No, but I sleep long on the weekends!" I said honestly. "It's the only day when you really have to take it easy!"
He heaved low
"So you mean that I may not see you today?"
I sat up in bed and smiled. He really wanted to be with me, with Kim!
"Well if you want!"
"I want!" Niall mumbled. "If you're going to be my girlfriend, you need to get used to that I always want to be with you!"
My stomach tingled
"I'll try!" I said jokingly. "So you pick me up?"
Niall laughed
"If you don't want to be at home?"
I sighed and heard that my dad sang in the kitchen. I didn't want to be home.
"Not here!" I whispered. "My dad and his wife are home!"


Niall came and picked me up. This time I was ready and was waiting for him. He drove out to the woods and to my great surprise, he stopped outside a cabin.
"My dad owns this!" he said and turned off the car. "I always go here when I need to think, study, or want to be alone!"
I looked wonderingly at him.
He laughed
"My thought was that I wanted to be alone with you this time. No other comes here and we can do whatever we want!"


Niall lit a fire in the main room and I took the opportunity to walk around. There was a small kitchen, a bathroom with shower and two bedrooms. In the main room there was an old television, couches and a fireplace. Niall put on music and pulled me to the couch. I sat down and he went and fetched a blanket.
"It's cold here in the fall, but if you come here in the summer, it's okay!"
He sat down next to me and pulled the blanket over our knees.
"Its food in the fridge and if you like, the TV works pretty okay!"


In the end, we looked into the fire and talked instead. It felt cozy and he took his arm around my shoulders.
"In Ireland we socializing not as in your school!" he said honestly. "Everyone is friends with everyone and they playing much football. Girls hang more with the guys and don't care about how they look."
I looked at him.
"Are you longing back?"
Niall nodded dreamily.
"It was easier back home in my village and there's no gang there!" 
I thought about what he said.
"Why do you spend time with Harry, Perrie and the others?"
Niall smiled weakly.
"It was they who first made ​​contact with me and I ended up somehow with them. I didn't said no, and just followed the stream." Then he looked at me and smiled. "But it's the end of it!"
I frowned
"So you mean that you really want to hang out with me?"
He laughed and nodded directly
"You find it hard to believe that I want to be with you? But you're more like the girls at home on Ireland and I like you."
I sighed lightly and felt silly.
"It is just that I'm not used to the attention!"
Niall looked a long time for me
"Then you get used to it, because I will not let you go!"


I didn't know if he meant it as a compliment, but I took it as that! It was a new side of Niall and I began to trust his word. It was hard to take in that he really wanted to be just me, but I had to understand it. Niall was perhaps not the guy that I had imagined, but I liked him more and more.


We finally began to kiss each other and this time I didn't care that he had boner. He lay down on top of me, on the floor and I went along. It was exciting to feel him over me and his kisses were so wonderful. Niall caressed me outside the clothes and he groaned lightly. I wondered right away if I would moan to? Still, I didn't do it! Finally he pulled his hand down between my legs and I felt him caressing me. I groaned and looked wonderingly at Niall. He just smiled and continued.
"We don't need to have sex!" he got out of it. "We can touch each other without going all the way!"
I swallowed and felt confused. It was one thing to lie in my bed and do it, but to lie here and let Niall caress me? Still, I didn't say no when his hand undid my pants and slid inside the fabric. His fingers found my clit and immediately I moaned loudly. I spread my legs and pushed me towards him. I felt how he made me shake and I finally didn't knew where I was going. I kicked off my pants and kissed him intensely. Niall seemed to like it, and let two fingers penetrating. I moaned and started moving my hip in his rate. I didn't even notice that he pulled off his pants. Not until he took my hand and brought it to his boner. I was initially scared, but he showed me how I would do.


Okay! I know what you're thinking!


They've only been together for two days and it's happens a lot. I didn't think like that! I had already had sex with Niall thousand times in my imagination. The difference was that he really was on top of me. He had his hand between my legs and he got me into the mists.

"Take me!" I mumbled therefore and brought his cock against my genitals. Niall groaned and obeyed me. I felt how he penetrated and he filled me. I took my legs around his waist and let him start bringing his cock in and out. I whimpered against his lips and I didn't know what I would do to get him to go faster. Niall tore off all our clothes and I felt his skin against me.
"I love you!" he said, and immediately I looked into his eyes.
Niall nodded and pushed himself hard into me. Then he smiled and continued.
"This isn't the last time!" he mumbled and started kissing me again. I felt loved for the first time in my life. I felt important and he had to take what he wanted from me. I couldn't care about my doubts. What happened here and now was all that I wanted and I stopped worrying.


In the end, I came! My whole body was shaking and I pushed myself so hard against him. I almost screamed right into his face and I could feel every muscle in me worked. The wonderful feeling turned up, took me and then vanished away.


Niall smiled and I felt how he continued. He pushed himself hard into me, before he suddenly took it out. He moved his hand over his cock until he came. He squirted all over my stomach and shook. I was surprised, but didn't dare say anything. Instead, I let him collapse on me, and he landed with all his weight on top off me.
"I didn't want to come inside you!" he murmured, "I'm not ready to be a dad yet!"
I smiled and hugged him tightly.
"It doesn't matter!"


We showered and put our clothes back on. Niall cooked, we ate and then we went home. He stopped outside my house and took direct my hand in his.
"Tomorrow, don't let me go!" he whispered. "I'm your boyfriend and promise that you show it!"
I nodded uncertainly.
"And you shows that I'm your girlfriend?"
Niall laughed a little bit and raised his eyebrows.
"Of course I do!"

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