Prince Charming

To getting the person you wants, but what happens when it's all a lie? When the truth doesn't come out until it's too late? What if you find that the lies just get bigger and you end up in the middle of everything?


14. Lying

What did I do?

The following day I went to school with my head held high. I met Sara at the bikes and she looked disappointedly at me.
"Where's Niall?"
I smiled weakly, swallowed and looked straight into her eyes.
"Niall chose Perrie and I will not go into details!"
Sara just gaped and I chose to go straight to school. In the corner of my eye I saw Harry, but I couldn't bother me no more. Instead, I went straight to the teachers' room and I met our drama teacher.
"I beg your pardon!" I got out of me. "But I drop out of the theater and give the role to Perrie., We have already made up so she will practice with you!"
He looked disappointedly at me
I smiled back and looked down at the ground
"It has nothing to do with you, I wouldn't be in it no more!" I said short and turned then around.
"Why?" he asked directly and I chose not to answer the question. Instead I went to my student lockers, took my books and went to the classroom.


Niall came in with Perrie and others. I chose not to look in their direction and the whole lesson was spent to collect me. What were we doing? After all, I had nothing to be ashamed of and everything was their fault? Still, I felt I changed my mind, my body lacked for Niall!
"What happened?" Sara whispered to me, but I chose not to respond. I couldn't manage to explain anything.


I don't know why, but I was disappointed. Niall held off and seemed to avoid me. I chose not to look in their direction and I avoided eating in the dining room when they were there. I put all of the energy that do nothing,,,, when school was over, I was also out in the body. It felt like a dream and the only thing I wanted to do was wake up.


"What happened?" hissed nearly Sara for me to finish. I gulped and decided to sit down on a bench.
"Niall chose Perrie!"
She looked at me as if she didn't believe me
"You have to believe wrong!" she muttered. "Niall wouldn't do that, to choose her when it's you he wants?"
I sighed and looked at her. I looked into her eyes and showed with the whole body that I was serious.
"Niall and I is equal to the end! Niall met Perrie in the park and they had sex. I came upon them, and I have photographic evidence!"
I took the cell phone and showed her the pictures. Sara almost lost her breath.
"But ....." she received from him. "He was so ... in you?"  
I shook my head and smiled weakly at her.
"Harry told me that they have always had something between each other and I saw it! They love each other as much as they hate each other!"
Sara said nothing and it made ​​me look at her. I understood that she didn't even believe in the pictures.
"Why can't you understand that?" I asked and she looked directly at me.
"Niall told me you was his dream. Fact that he didn't want anyone else and he wasn't going to let you go!"
I sighed
"But he could be cheating?"


I lived in a fog! I went home, but my body wasn't aware of it. I went straight up to my room and laid me down on the bed. Life sucked! I knew I would always see Niall as betrayer. When one day I would have children, I would teach them not to trust guys like him. Perfect guys were wrong for them! My cell phone beeped and I checked the message.
"Please talk to me!"
It was from Niall, but I didn't answer. I put down the phone and looked up at the ceiling. It was he who had done wrong and not me.
"Call!" stood there in the next message. In the end, I shut it off and threw it away. I couldn't cope with more excuses.


Dad stuck his head in my room and entered.
I sighed and shook the head. He understood immediately that it was over and came to bed. He stood for a long time and looked at me.
"He has called five times to us!"
Dad looked worried.
"He wants to talk to you!"
I sighed and looked away
I don't know what to say! How would I get my dad to understand without mentioning the word sex? I looked up at him and swallowed.
"He chose another!" I whispered. "He was in the park with her ​​and they did more than he should!"
Dad looked at me that I wasn't told the whole truth, and he sat down on the edge of the bed.
"So you mean Niall, who was so in love with you, being with an other girl in the park?"
I nodded
"And they did more than kissed!"
Dad sighed, and seemed to understand what I meant.
"And you're sure?" 
I nodded and tried not to cry. I wanted to cry, but not in front off him.
"He touched her!" I whacked "and pulled down his pants, there is evidence in my mobile!"
"I don't want to see!" Dad said straight off and I understood him. He sighed again and didn't know what to say. I smiled at him and took his hand in mine.
"Everyone goes through the first love, but I chose the wrong guy!"
Dad smiled weakly.
"So what should I say when he calls again?"
I sighed
"That he shouldn't touch your daughter, the fact that he's an idiot and that he should be locked up!"
He cleared his throat
"I choose the first one!"


I wanted to mom lived. She would hold me, hug me and tell me it would be okay. My dad just left the room and didn't know what he would say to me. A hug would have been enough! A friendly words: "It will be okay!" or perhaps just an expression that meant that he understood me.


I cried when my dad had gone. I cried with the whole body and hid my face in the pillow. I didn't want to know more and be aware of the betrayal. I wanted to be the old Nelly, that no one cared about. The tit that no one saw and no one knew! I had never felt such a loss to go back to the old, as just then! I wanted to be the old Nelly, that daydreamed, as didn't know better and who weren't abused. I wanted to be myself again!


I think I cried myself to sleep! When I woke up it was dark and the house was quiet. I sat up in the bed and yawned. It was as if I wasn't there, but if I was still aware of myself. I stood up and walked over to the window. To my great surprise wasn't Perrie there, but Niall. He stood and stared at my window. I stood so that he wouldn't see me. Why was he there?


In the end I put on my clothes, went down to the hall and put on my shoes. I hit the alarm to the house and opened the door out. I went around to Niall and stood at a distance. I barely saw his face, but couldn't manage to bother me. My stomach hurt and my heart was dead.
"Go out of here before I call the police!"
Niall didn't seem to care.
"I want to talk to you Please listen!"
I shook directly on the head
"I know everything Niall, I know you didn't love me and I know you were looking for Perrie all the time. I was just a part of your plan!" 
Niall shook the head.
"That's not true!"
I sighed
"Come on, I saw how you pulled your pants down and I saw that you had sex with her!" 
He began to cry but I felt no sympathy. I felt nothing against him and he was like air to me.
"Live on!" I said cool. "You made your choice and congratulations! You won today and Perrie won the prize to escape me!" 
Niall took a few steps towards me.
"I did it to get rid of her!"
I laughed direct
"WOW! You fucked her in front of my eyes and now you tell me it was to get rid of her, then you are fucking crazy Niall!" 
He wiped away the tears and didn't like my words.
"She said if I did that with her, she would let us be free, but you saw it and why were you there?" 
"I followed her!" I said honestly. "I saw that she was in the park and I was curious, I followed her all the way and saw when you arrived. Niall Stop lying and tell the truth. I wasn't worth a single penny for you!"

He shook his head
"I love you Nelly, I love you so much and I said yes just to get rid of her. She promised to let us be if I slept with her."
I backed
"Stop it!"
Niall didn't give up.
"I did it for us!"
I turned around and went inside. I closed the door quickly and locked the door, then I set the alarm and backed away from the door. He lied! Bloody bastard who was lying to me!

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