Prince Charming

To getting the person you wants, but what happens when it's all a lie? When the truth doesn't come out until it's too late? What if you find that the lies just get bigger and you end up in the middle of everything?


9. Love!

When we finally had to start with the play, appeared neither Perrie or the other up in the gang. Our teacher looked sad, but he turned around towards everyone else in the class.
"I'm going to change the cast because it seems as some don't plan to be involved!"
Niall just smiled at me and I understood that he didn't care. He had totally left the gang and didn't seem to bother them at all.
"They're just jealous!" Sara murmured, as if it would make me feel better. I realized that I still had to go on. The play would just fizzle out unless I put in my energy. (That was what I tried to tell myself!)


When I came out from the school and would go home, Harry suddenly came to me. He was anything but sure of himself and seemed almost sad.
"You know that we are with Perrie regardless?"
I sighed and nodded
"I understand that, but you fail against the entire class when you don't show up!"
He looked down at the ground and nodded weakly.
"It's just that she decides everything and we don't dare to say against her. It has nothing to do with you and I actually looked forward to the play!" 
I didn't know what to say. Harry, one of the largest in the school, came up to me, Kim, and apologized? What else would happen?

"That's cool!" I got out of me. "You are just hilarious who follows her everywhere!" 
Harry had nothing more to say and didn't want to talk more. Instead, he vanished away as fast as he came. Niall came straight up to me and seemed puzzled.

"What did he want?"
Niall was flabbergasted and just stared at me.
"What did you say that he did?"
I smiled at Niall and took his hand in mine.
"He apologized to me!"  
Niall just yawned and pulled me toward the car.
"He don't even tell his mother an apologize!"
I just laughed
"I don't know! He was just sad and said that the others follow Perrie!"


Niall always drove me home first and this time he went inside the house with me. Dad came towards us and looked wonderingly at him.
"I'm Niall!" Niall got out, and tried to look nice. Dad took his hand and played almost overly protective.
"So what's your idea to be with my daughter?"
I hit him and shook my head angrily.
"Stop it Dad!"
Dad just laughed and took Nialls hand.
"I'm her dad Simon!" 
Niall gulped and puffed out.
"So no cross-examination?"
Dad shook his head and then looked cheerfully at me.
"We're going out tonight so I'll be home late, it's food in the fridge if you get hungry and our number is on the fridge!" 
I nodded and then pulled Niall with me to my room.
"So he's nice?" whispered Niall and my dad heard it. He stood there and laughed a little bit.
"I'm pretty nice!"
I sighed and opened the door to my room
"Now you know why I don't want to be home?"
Niall just smiled and closed the door behind us.
"But he's pretty funny?"


After dad had gone we went down and ate little. Then we ended up in my room again. Niall went to the bed, lay down and peered at my room. I lay down next to him and just looked at the ceiling.
"I like your home!" he muttered and then looked at me. "My parents are quite different and boring!"
I looked at Niall and smiled a little bit.
"Well, they can't be because they got you?"
He laughed and lay down on the side. He looked at me and seemed amused.
"Well, my dad always want me to behave myself. My mom thinks all the girls taking advantage of me, and together, they think I'm perfect. Everyone else is misbehaving!" 
I knew I had a good dad but hadn't thought about other people's parents. I had hardly been at home in someone else home, other than Sara, so I couldn't compare.

"Doesn't matter!" I whispered, and immediately I felt Niall moved closer me. He let our lips meet and he lay on top of me quickly. 


I felt how he parted my legs and lay down correct on me. He groaned and immediately I wondered if it was so smart to make out.
"Your father will not be home for a while!" Niall mumbled and pulled off my shirt. I swallowed and felt how he got me wanting more.
"But it's late and you have to go home?"
He kissed my neck and I groaned.
"My parents don't care!" he mumbled and undid my bra. "They still work late and is rarely home!" 
He then pulled off my pants and panties. I felt  how he pressed himself against me and his hands were everywhere. He kissed me so perfect and our lips were, perfect against each other. I pulled off his shirt after a moment and immediately he smiled big. It went quickly and pretty soon he was completely naked. He let a hand slide down and I felt how he made me get wet. I groaned and looked into his eyes.
"We are silent if they come home?"
Niall nodded and kissed me again. He moved his hand so perfectly and finally dried I couldn't hold back the emotions. I felt how he penetrated. He moved so perfect and he knew what he would do.


"Want to know a secret?" he muttered suddenly and I opened my eyes directly. He stopped and pulled his hands through my hair. "I was a virgin before we went to the cottage, but I didn't dare tell about it to you!"
I realized that I hadn't even asked him. I had taken for granted it all! Yet I couldn't help but wonder why he brought up the subject.
"Why are you telling me now?"
Niall smiled and started moving his hip again. He groaned as he pushed himself into me.
"So that you will not think I'm a sex maniac!"
I laughed a little and took my legs around his waist.
"Then I'm also a sex maniac!"

Niall kissed me again and to my great surprise, he spun around. I ended up on top of him. He took his hands around my waist and forced me to start move on my body. At first I was embarrassed, but after a while I forgot about everything and rode him fast. Niall groaned loudly and quickly came into my pace. I was leaning over him and felt his response to every movement. I felt his hands caressed my back and I heard him moaning under me. Eventually it became too much and he came straight into me. I felt he pushed in and his whole body shook. Niall groaned loudly and forced me to sit still.


"Sorry!" he got up and looked into my eyes. "But I couldn't hold it back!"
I smiled and didn't know what to say. Niall spun right around again and ended up on top of me. He slid down across my stomach and his face landed between my legs.
"Your turn!" he murmured, and let his tongue meet my clitoris. I moaned and looked down at him in surprise. I didn't had time to argue before the emotions took over and I groaned loudly. I took my hands over his head and moved towards his face. He moved his tongue perfectly and almost got me to come right away.


In the end I pressed myself against his face and felt my whole body became warm. I screamed and felt how my whole body started to shook. It was a wonderful feeling and I hadn't felt it before. He made me reach for the stars before I came back and collapsed. Niall laughed immediately and looked up at me.
"There's a lot I can do for you!"
I was breathing fast and just nodded. My body was sweaty and I could do nothing but gasp for air.
"You're crazy!" I mumbled, but Niall just laughed.
"I want to do everything with you Kim!" he said. "I have spent too many years to fantasize about this and now I can't stop!"
I dropped his head and tried to calm me down.

"Me too, but I don't climb down and suck on you for that!"
Niall just laughed and sat up under me in the bed. He looked down at my body and seemed to like what he saw.
"Maybe you do one day, but it's up to you!"
I met his eyes and immediately I began to laugh.
"You're crazy! Second time we do it and you do this?"
Niall nodded and looked down between my legs.
"I love what I see! So why not?"
I was embarrassed and pulled the covers over me.
"Stop before I throw you out!"

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