Prince Charming

To getting the person you wants, but what happens when it's all a lie? When the truth doesn't come out until it's too late? What if you find that the lies just get bigger and you end up in the middle of everything?


6. Is he serious?

I just stared at the list. At the top, after the lead role, was my name loud and clear. Perrie had a minor role! I would play against Harry, which made me a little disappointed. Niall would just be among all others and it made me almost not want to be in the theater. My dream didn't went as I through.
"You have the disappointed look?" Niall got out, but I smiled and tried to dismiss the thought.
"No, I'm just shocked!"

"This is just too much!" cheered Sara directly and she jumped around with happiness. "My friend got the part and we didn't think the teacher would give us a lead role. We are the first wimps to gets a part!" she then looked apologetically at me. "You and I are wimps after all?"
I laughed
"Yes, the school's biggest wimps!"
Niall looked directly at us puzzled and didn't understand why we laughed.
"So you see you as wimps?"
I spun around and looked at him meaning
"Yes, we aren't directly as Perrie?"
Sara looked at Niall and seemed not to understand what he was referring to.
"You notice yourself that you haven't talked with us before, we are odd!" 
Niall paused and gazed at us, then he looked at me.
"You guys are hilarious!"
I nodded with satisfaction.
"Yep, we are who we are!"


Niall followed us out of school and I was still surprised that he wanted to be with us. He looked like a puppy and seemed lost. When Sara and I arrived to our bikes, Niall pointed at his car.
"I can fit your bike in the car. Shall I drive you home?"
I almost lost my breath. Was he seriously? Would all my dreams turn into this day or what happened?
"Driving us home?" I was unsure of myself. Niall smiled and nodded at me.
"So you will not have to ride home!"
Sara was quick and she locked up her bike.
"You can drive home Kim, but I have errands to do!"

I realized that Sarah was lying and that she wanted me to be left with Niall. She was quick and vanished away. Niall just smiled and lifted my bike.
"I'll drive you home!" he said, almost amused and put my bike in the trunk. I looked how Perrie stared at us and immediately I became uncertain. I swallowed and tried to think clearly.
"Niall!" I got out of me. "The others stare at us, so I don't think it's such a good idea that you do this!"
He closed the trunk and gave the gang a quick glance.
"I do what I want and you don't have to worry about them. They are more timid than you and Sara are!"
I should be happy for what he said, but instead, I wasn't sure. I realized that dreams shouldn't come true. At least not my dreams. Niall opened the car door for me and didn't give up.
"Come on!"
I sighed a little bit and finally I obeyed him. I jumped in the car and took the seat belt on me. Niall sat behind the wheel and smiled big.
"You shouldn't be so unsure of yourself!"
I chose to stare straight ahead.
"It's easy for you to say. You have everything that I haven't and many in the school looks down on me and Sara!"
Niall looked straight at me and it seemed like he was thinking a little bit.
I didn't know what to say, and met his gaze.
"It has always been like that in school!" 
To my great surprise, he let not go off my eye and he looked straight into them. There was silence in the car and in the end, I wanted to just jump out of it.
"You know what?" he whispered almost inaudibly. "I'm thinking about to change that!"
Niall tore his gaze from me, started the car and swallowed.
"We'll see!"


I felt so small. My dream prince sat next to me and all I could think about was what we wouldn't do. I wasn't comfortable in the car and I realized that there would be problems in the future. Perrie was angry that I took the role from her and she was certainly angry that Niall wasn't with her. I was the scapegoat and I should end up in prison?


"You think too much?" Niall got out, and I chose to be honest.
"Then I don't do no wrong!" I got out of me. "I know I'm in trouble and I know that Perrie will ...!"
Niall cut me off.
"The truth is that she's not as perfect as you think. She starving her selves just to be skinny and she complains all the time about how wrong she's treated!" he gave me a quick glance. "She's a bitch!"
I laughed a little bit and looked down at my hands.
"From your angle, maybe, but not from any other angle!" 
Niall turned into my street and I was surprised that he knew where I lived. Therefore I looked wonderingly at him.
"Do you know where I live?"
Niall laughed a little bit.
"I learned everyone's address when I came to school. I didn't know who I would hang out with, so I sat with the class list and checked out everyone's house!"
I swallowed and didn't know what to say. Niall turned in at my home, stopped the car, and laughed again.
"Don't be so scared or shocked!"
I swallowed.
"No, but normal people don't usually ..."
Niall smiled at me.
"I'm not normal!"


When I got into my room, I wasn't sure. Niall was flirting with me, or did he just wanted to be nice? I had butterflies in my stomach and I was afraid of what would happen. Why was I so stupid that I had practiced on the role? Perrie was better suited to get the lead and I wasn't suited to playing theater. I was scared and unsure.


On twitter I logged into my own account and immediately had a few in the class wrote to me.
"Congratulations and what fun that Perrie not got the part!"
"Kim, you rock!"
I was surprised and actually had many started to follow me. I went through the list and to my shock, there were Nialls name. He followed me on Twitter! I just yawned and didn't know if I should laugh or cry.


Sara came home to me, eventually, and directly she sat down curiously on the bed.
"So, tell me!"
I sighed
"Niall just drove me home!"
She shook her head
"I don't believe you because he was staring at you almost all the time. Didn't you see it?"
I sighed and looked at her with calm reaction.
"Please stop, I will not be with him, and right now I'm more concerned about Perrie!"
Sara sighed
"She can't hurt you any more and we will certainly make sure she stays in her place. You have me behind you and half the class!"
I smiled and looked at the computer quickly
"Many people have started to follow me!"
She laughed and came over to me.
"I know and that's why I came here. Niall follow you!"
"I know!" I mumbled and looked at her. "Much has changed today?"


Dad was thrilled when he heard that I had got the role. He hugged me and immediately I saw how proud he was.
"Are you serious?" I got out of me. "I'll be facing all in school?"
He released me and seemed not to care about my concerns.
"This's your chance! Take it and nurture it well., You can't make a fool of yourself and you will see that everything will be alight!"


On Saturday, I awoke to the mobile phone rang. Direct I replied, yawning. When I heard Nialls voice, I sat straight up in bed.
"Want to go to the carnival with me?" he asked and seemed to really want to be with me.
He laughed
"When you want? I'm done and have nothing to do. Then I was thinking about you and it would be great if you wanted to go!"
I gulped and looked at the clock. I had slept for a long time and I wasn't even ready.
"About one hour?" I got out of me and Niall seemed to be happy. He was glad that I said yes on my own little way.
"I'll come and pick you up on dot one hour!" he said.


Mary laughed at me when I was running around upstairs. Eventually, she stopped me and looked straight into my eyes.
"Take it easy! He will have to wait if you're not ready. Guys like to wait!"
I looked bewildered.
She laughed
"How do you think I got your daddy? Not by being ready in time, but he had to wait till I was done!"


In the end, I took it easy and tried not to rush. Niall come and the doorbell rang. I heard Mary opened.
"She's almost ready!" she said as if it were obvious. Niall came in and sat down in the kitchen. I stayed up and just smiled. Niall sat in my kitchen! He sat in my house! I gulped and looked at myself in the mirror. I had no colourful clothes, but my black dress with white pants had to do it. I put on my shoes that I could walk in and looked that the hair was okay. I made ​​up my face and realized that I really wasn't used to guys. What should we talked about? Would I be confident or shy? I still chose to be myself!


When we arrived at the carnival Niall took his wallet and paid the entry. He took my hand and pulled me in the aria. I was shaking with nervousness and looked down at our hands. He held my hand! Niall seemed calm and made no big deal of it, instead he kept me as if it were natural.


"Do you have against that I hold your hand?" he asked suddenly, and I chose to just shake my head. Niall laughed a little bit and stopped. He looked at me long and seemed to watch me closely. "You are a mystery!"
I met his gaze
He smiled
"In the school you are so confident and not at all afraid." 

I realized he was right. I always tried to go straight in school. Here I wasn't in that environment and it affected me.
"I know!" I replied uncertainly. "But I don't usually hang out with guys and especially not on an amusement parks!"
He leaned toward to me and I almost felt his lips brush against my ear.
"Then I'll make sure you get used to it!"


I had really fun and after a while released all the nervousness and I dared more. Niall was how wonderful any time and he did everything to make me happy. Eventually, he bought fast food for us and we ended up at a nearly deserted hill, next to the carnival. He sat near me and we ate slowly. I laughed a lot and just felt happy. It was like a dream, but I knew that it really happened.

"One thing you must know!" he said cheerfully. "I think that will a guy and a girl be together, a couple, they must be faithful!" 
I fell silent and just stared at him.
"Why did you take up that subject?"
Niall smiled big and wiped his mouth with a paper.
"Because I might be trying to flirt with you?"
I swallowed and nearly dropped the food.
"Are you flirting with me?"
Niall nodded and looked into my eyes. He smiled with his whole face and seemed so confident.
"You're a girl and I think at you is one of the prettiest in school. The only problem is I don't know what you think of me!" 
My God! Should I be honest and tell him exactly what I felt? I knew he would surely get scared and wonder if I was normal. I loved him and I wanted him, but I couldn't tell it to him.
"You were silent?" he was disappointed and looked away.
"Uh, I think you are kind, friendly and fun!"
He sighed
"Is that all?"
I swallowed
"You look good and I love your eyes?"
Niall smiled again and gave me a slight teasing nudge.
"It sounds better, so you don't think I'm unattractive?" 
I shook my head and felt how I was blushing. Niall stopped and looked at my face. He saw how red I was and immediately I looked away.
"No!" he said directly to me. "I don't think you should be ashamed, I'm not good at that with emotions, but with you I dare more. I just feel that we would be good together and you're my kind of girl!" 
My mind whirled. Over two days had all my fantasies become truth. It felt so crazy! I swallowed and dared to meet his gaze. Keep in mind that I was Nialls kind of girl and that he wanted me. But why? Niall could get any girl in the school at any time, but he chose me!


It happened!


Niall leaned towards me and our lips met. I felt how soft they were and how gentle he was. I felt how he tested his way and I tried to respond to the kiss. My stomach tingled and I stopped to think. The only thing I was aware of his presence. He took his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. His lips almost caressed mine and he was so perfect. Eventually, he ended the kiss and smiled big at me.
"It wasn't that crazy?"
I shook my head and tried to smile.
"No, not to be the first one!" 
Direct face lit up.
"Ah, you want more?"
I was red in the face again. I didn't get out the words, but Niall seemed more adamant.
"There will be more!" he murmured and pulled me up on his lap. He put me so that I had my stomach against him and a leg on each side of his body. Even though I wasn't sure, I took my arms around his shoulders. Niall took his hands on my waist and pushed me towards him.
"So we can say that we are together?"
I nodded and felt how he kissed me again. This time he grabbed me and pushed me hard against him. I felt he was more intense and he didn't want to quit. I stopped again to mind and I just felt what was happening. He parted his lips and let his tongue slip into mine mouth. Direct I took him and forgot that I had no idea what we were doing. I hadn't kissed a guy before and didn't know what I would do. But Niall made ​​me just follow along. 


In the end I had to stop. I felt that he had boner and it made me lose my breath. Niall just smiled and pressed me against his hard part. I swallowed again and tried to collect my thoughts.
"You haven't had a boyfriend before?" Niall whispered and I shook directly on the head. I felt that he was moving toward me and actually he got me to get excited. It was as if my imagination happen, only difference was that he didn't touch me with his hand between my legs.

"Maybe we should go from this place?" he murmured at last. "There are children in the area and I don't think they want to see me get horny!"
I swallowed
Niall smiled and released me a little. He nodded and looked at my face.
"You make me want it all, but I promise I will not force you into anything!"
I wanted to shout that he could take me here and now, but my conscience was speaking.
"Okay!" I mumbled and took me away from his lap.


Okay! I wanted more of Niall, but at the same time I didn't dare. He kissed me a few more times that day and he held my hand. More didn't happen after that! He drove me home and promised to get in touch. I knew he could be lying, or that he really wanted to be with me. It was up to him.


That night I lay in bed and just stared at the ceiling. I no longer knew what to think about. Everything I had dreamed of, had happened and now? I still felt Nialls soft lips against mine and I felt his arms around my body. I wondered if he had really meant everything he had said? I had felt that he had got boner, but according to Sara all the guys got it in front of all the girls. It meant nothing!

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