Prince Charming

To getting the person you wants, but what happens when it's all a lie? When the truth doesn't come out until it's too late? What if you find that the lies just get bigger and you end up in the middle of everything?


2. Introduction

If I were really quiet on the couch in the hallway and didn't say a single word, no one saw me. I had learned to be invisible and often I managed quite well with the effort. I was able to let my gaze drift around and when I saw Niall I avoided him. He was always talking to the gang. He hung out with the popular. I saw how he laughed, talked and he seemed to have so fun  with them. My stomach tingled every time I saw him and it made me just smile. Niall was probably the only one that made ​​me smile. In a few weeks he had now gone in my class, but he hadn't yet seen me. I guess that's the first annual. None of the others usually see me.


Niall had a blue hoodie on it, black pants and white sneakers. I loved every article of clothing he had and I liked his cologne. When I went unseen by him, I could feel a faint scent of flowers. He smelled sweet, so sweet! Niall opened his cabinet and took out a few books. He talked on and said something funny to Louis. Harry laughed and took his arm around Nialls shoulders. They were such good friends. Niall socialized with the fancy guys, well maybe not fancy, but as everyone else considered that, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn was crappy looking. I didn't liked them because they had once bullied me. I didn't hated them, but they meant nothing to me.


The lesson began and I stuck in to my bench. I always sat at the front of the classroom. I liked to be unaware of what was happening behind me and I wanted the teacher would see me. I was part of the school's top students, regarding to the grades. I always had all the right in the tests and I was the one who knew everything. I studied every day and if I had nothing to plug to, I read books. That was probably why I became chairman of the school's book club?


"Come on!" the teacher said loudly and looked back in the classroom. "Louis, Harry and Liam., It's not nice to hear your little voices all the time!"
I sat down and felt my body tingled. Niall hadn't received a reprimand and he was certainly on of the guys who studied the most. I thought he was smart, but I wasn't sure. I wanted him to be unique, not like the others and I put him on a pedestal in front of me.


Not much had changed in my life over the summer. I was still the same person that few knew. I was a little grey mouse that didn't make much fuss. No one in the class was immediately curious to talk to me and I kept to the minimum school students. We were some that were forgotten and we tried to at least see each other.


Everything changed when Niall appeared, , , maybe not much in my life , but much to my body and my mind. Niall was such a guy that really made ​​me smile . He was so boyishly cute and his eyes made ​​me just smile . He looked so innocent and he was so gentle in his way of being. It was like God sent me an angel, but the angel missed me. Much missed me, but I dreamed that Niall was there just for me . Yes, I had begun to daydream ! There were dreams where he was a prince , and he saved me from an evil dragon. Sometimes I kept myself to reality and then he went up to me in school. He took his arms around my waist and looked deeply into my eyes . "Kim, I love you!" Our lips met in a passionate kiss and he didn't care that everyone looked at us. He cared about me!


The reality wasn't like in my dreams and I knew that it would never happen. Guys like Niall was always for the hot girl. In our school we had Perrie and Eleanor. They were the top of everything and everyone looked up to them. Maybe I was a bit jealous, but I was still glad I wasn't them. Perrie had always flirted with Zayn and Eleanor was more into Louis or Harry. It shifted at times! So far they hadn't shown interest in Niall, but I was prepared for that day. I could see before me how happy Niall would be. He would certainly have a great girlfriend who he could show up at school. I was anything but neat and nobody wanted to show me up. I rather saw before me how my future boyfriend hid me, so he didn't have to look at me.


Niall house was a few blocks from me. I always took the road past his house when I was going home and I made ​​sure no one saw me. Nialls window was towards the back, so I could rarely check on him, but I wished that one day he would invite me. He needed not touch me, we could just sit there and stare at each other. Again, I knew that even that simple dream wouldn't come true. I was doomed to an eternal life in solitude and I was doomed to be a loser. The truth hurt, but I couldn't change anything.


"How was school?" Marry shouted from the kitchen. She was my stepmother and my dad had married her when I was little. I never called her Mom, because it felt so wrong. My mom was dead and I didn't want to replace her.
"Good!" I mumbled and peered through the door. Marry stood and baked as usual. It smelled really good and she was in a good mood.
"Nothing to tell about the day?"
I shook directly on the head and swallowed. I left her and went up to my room. I closed the door and locked it. No one would come in when I wanted to be alone and all the family respected that.


I lay on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. It had been a good day. I had looked at Niall five times and he hadn't seen me yet. I wondered why he never saw me, but realized that it was fate. My fate was to suffer and perhaps die as a true virgin? Many had been canonized because of their pure life. Maybe I could get it one day? Holy Kim? It sounded wrong and I laughed a little bit. I wasn't a saint, because I had started touching myself. When dreams about Niall became too wet, I couldn't help but put my hand down between my legs and fondle myself. Yes maybe it's dirty and maybe that god would punish me, but I couldn't care about that. I liked to have an orgasm, and often it was enough that I caressed me outside the clothes. It was still more beautiful when the hand was inside the pants, but afterwards I always feel guilty and felt disgusted. Yet I couldn't stop!


If we return to Niall, I wanted deep down that he would see me. I didn't want to run into him and I didn't want to  force him to see me, but everything else was great! I tried to plan how to meet his gaze. I would smile and say hello! I would leave a scent of my perfume so that he wouldn't forget me. The problem was that I didn't have it on me every day. Maybe I should throw my clean hair like in commercials. So beautiful and he would discover what a beautiful hair I had? Talk about that I had problems! 


Niall Horan would never look at me, and if he did so, he wouldn't think about me.

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