Prince Charming

To getting the person you wants, but what happens when it's all a lie? When the truth doesn't come out until it's too late? What if you find that the lies just get bigger and you end up in the middle of everything?


17. Finally!

As soon as I could talk, I took the time for us. Niall and I were left alone. Niall was just overjoyed to hear my voice, although it was hoarse and I could only whisper.
"You're going to be healthy!" he murmured, and I just smiled at him, then I took it up that I wanted to know.
"Are you sure you don't feel anything for Perrie?"

Niall shook directly on his head and looked at me seriously.
"I love you and I made a mistake!" He took a breath. "I made the wrong choice, but I promise not to do it again!"
I believed him.
"And what's true or not about everything that I've heard?"
Niall gulped and looked down
"It's true that I initially was interested in her, but that all changed when we would start with the theater. You did good job on the stage and I noticed that you was a completely different girl from what she was!" 
I swallowed
"Harry said .."
Niall took his hand over my mouth and smiled weakly.
"Please, can't we put it behind us? I don't love her and I love you. Isn't that enough?"
I tried to smile.
"That's enough, but it will take time before I trust you again!"
Niall nodded and indicated that he understood.
"I promise to give you all the time as you want, only it remaining the two of us!"


You can say that I managed to get better, but I was wheelchair bound. My legs didn't keep me up and I dropped the feeling in my thighs and down. It was a loss, but at the same time I was happy that I was alive. I survived!


I could leave the hospital before Christmas. The doctor left a number to my dad, if we needed help and he made ​​sure I got help after the Christmas holidays.
"You need strength training!" he said and smiled at me. "You have to build up the body again!"
I nodded and realized he was serious.
"I know!"


Dad had to replace our car to one where I could come in. We now had a minivan with room for me in the wheelchair and it made ​​it easier when we were going somewhere. In a way I felt sorry for my dad. He had to make so many changes at home, so I could get around. There was a small stair lift for my wheelchair and a toilet was now appropriate for me. My bedroom hadn't he changed much. I had a bed that could be put up and down, but otherwise everything was as before. I rolled into my room and dad put down my bag on the floor.
"We need to see what you needed, but I have at least started to change the house!"
I spun around and smiled at him.
"It's more than I thought you could do! Thank you, daddy!"


What happened with Perrie? She was no longer popular. Word had spread and everyone knew what she had done. Everyone looked down at her and realized that she wasn't the perfect girl as they thought. When I rolled into the school it fell silent, almost the entire corridor. Everyone looked at me and I felt really seen. When I arrived to my locker, it felt like a dream. Niall had to help me open it and get the things I needed. I was quiet all the time, because everyone seemed to listen to me.

"Just take it easy!" Niall smiled at me and closed my locker. "In a week, they will forget all about the event and get used to your wheelchair!"
I smiled at him.
"I hope so!"


On a break Harry came up to me. He looked ashamed and seemed anything but present.
"Sorry!" he muttered a little bit uncertain. "I was just following her!"
I looked at him coldly, because he was the cause of it all.
"It's not enough with an excuse! Why don't you get new friends and leave the gang?"
Harry was still unsure but looked at me.
"I don't know!" he whispered so that no more than I would hear him. "She has power over us, but we haven't it easy any more!"
I smiled weakly.
"It depends on the choices you made!"
He agreed with me
"I know!"


Neither Niall and I saw in the theater as the class later conducted. My dad just boycotted the show for the parents and we stayed away from such things.


When Christmas came Niall turned up in my room, late one night. I had put myself in bed, but he had managed to persuade my dad to let him in. He sat down on the bed and smiled big. I just looked at him wonderingly.
"Why did you come here?"
Niall smiled and blushed. He picked up a small package and I saw that it was a box. I smiled weakly and wondered if it was ear pendants or perhaps a necklace.
"I wouldn't come today, but I couldn't hold it!" he said and put the package in my hand. "I want you to open it alone with me!"
I sighed and smiled big. I removed the paper and opened the box. To my great surprise, there was no ear pendants or necklaces. I almost fainted and Niall took direct my hand.
"I know we are young, but one thing I'm sure of. I love you so much and I don't want to lose you again!" He got down on his knees. "Will you marry me?"
I saw the rings and the tears came. Then I looked up at Niall.
"Are you sure?"
Niall laughed a little bit and nodded. He didn't let go of my hand.
"Well I've never been so sure in my life!"
I swallowed and looked down at the two rings in the box. I noted that he had put a lot of money on them and actually they were simple, but bought with love. I raised my head and looked into his eyes.
"On one condition!"
He nodded immediately and I smiled weakly.
"That you never let me down again!"
"I promise!"
I smiled
"Then I say yes!"


Niall stayed in my bed that night. We hugged, kissed and eventually we had sex. The difference was that he cared about me this time, he seemed to calmed down and wasn't as desperate as he was before. Instead, it was as if we started over and got to know each other again. I couldn't move my legs, but Niall managed to steer them right all the time.


Afterwards, he lay next to me and just caressed my face.
"Nelly!" he whispered. "You're the hottest girl around!"
I laughed weakly.
"And you have seen all the girls?"
He smiled
"No, but you're perfect for me and the only thing I want."


We waited to get married until we were eighteen. It was a small wedding and only the closest was present. Some were we found the way back and I felt safe again with Niall. He showed all the time that it was just me who was counted. Perrie disappeared from our lives and ended up somewhere else in the world.


We had a daughter and when she was six, she wondered how Mom and Dad had met. I took her in my lap and hugged her lightly.
"We met in school and I knew that your dad was my prince charming. An evil witch came between us, but our love was stronger!"
"Mean Witch? As in the fairy tale?"
I shook my head and laughed
"No, not like in the fairy tales. She was much worse!"

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