Prince Charming

To getting the person you wants, but what happens when it's all a lie? When the truth doesn't come out until it's too late? What if you find that the lies just get bigger and you end up in the middle of everything?


11. Different

Perrie was as usual the next day. She did everything so that I wouldn't suspect anything, but Harry's face confessed everything. I looked at him that he was guilty. He had followed Perrie and the others had done the same.

"I'm thinking about to talk to the headmaster!" Muttered Niall but I said directly against him.
"Dad has got alarm to the house and they can't hurt us no more!"
Niall looked at me for a long time and then shook his head.
"You don't know who you're talking about! Perrie has no limits and she does what suits her. She doesn't care about others and have no limits!"


Still, the day went flawless. It was as if all was working normally, but Niall didn't feel safe and when we got home he was almost frightened.
"It has been too easy today!" he whispered, and we came into the kitchen. I saw my dad sitting with paper and he smiled at us.
"I got the best housemaid alarm available., We have a camera outside the front door, one in the hallway upstairs and one on the back. I have alarms on all windows and doors, so when they open the alarm go off and starts to ring!"
I smiled and sat down in front of him.
"And we should all know about the code?"
Dad nodded
"I will choose it with Mary and then you will find it., It's important that no one outside the family know the code now!"
Niall backed off a bit but my father smiled at him.
"You're part of the family now, so you should also get a code!"


A computer was placed in my dad's office and there you had access to all three surveillance cameras. Dad showed me them and proudly showed off a recorder.
"It turns on every time we turn on the alarm and we can also choose to play it in around the clock., I have chosen to start the running when no one is home, and during the evening and night!"
Niall sighed a little bit
"But it film not where they stand. They stood, staring up at Nelly's bedroom?"
Dad smiled
"I only got permission to film the outside of our house. I'm not putting up cameras filming more than what we own. Nor can we forbid anyone to be on the yard edge!" 
Right as it was Niall hugged me.
"I'm just going home to get something. I'll be back!"
I looked wonderingly at him, and he vanished away. I turned then around to dad and saw how proud he was.
"I fixed it on my own!" he smiled and looked at me. "I pulled the wires all day and had to take time off from work. They did understand and my boss said it was okay, I have to protect my daughter!"
I laughed a little bit and hugged him.
"I love you daddy!"
He smiled and hugged me back.
"And I love you so much!"


Niall came back! I sat in the room and studied when he came in with a large bag.
"I'm not going to give me!" he muttered, and picked out a camera and tripod. "We will shoot from your window every time you go to bed. Perhaps it not show images as clear as your dad's camera, but it will prove that they are here!"
He put the stand at my window and fastened the camera. She picked up a laptop and connected it with the camera.
"You mean I must have it here?" I mumbled and he headed directly.
"You shouldn't have to wait for that they makes burglary again to get evidence. They will come back and then I think to be ready!"


Dad came into my room and didn't seem like that Niall put up an extra camera.
"That's not on the paper!"
Niall turned around to Dad.
"I do this as a private person and I have a right to film whatever I want!"
Dad sighed a little and frowned.
"Are you going to stay the night too?"
I understood that my father wasn't sure what happened between me and Niall. Direct I cleared my throat and I tried to come up with a compromise.
"We can bring in extra bed?" I got out of me. "It gets crowded in just one bed!"
Dad looked a long time for me.
"Okay then, but I haven't had contact with Nialls parents!"
"I will call them!" Niall said quickly and smiled at him. "It's okay and they don't have anything against that I'm here!"


When dad had left the room Niall smiled big at me and right as it was, he took up a package of condoms.
"I promised you!"
I just gaped and I felt unsafe.
"Is that all you want? Having sex with me?"
Niall shook his head and came up to me. He hugged me and gave me a light kiss on the cheek
"No, honey!" he whispered, "I love you, and when you love someone you have sex!"
I didn't like what he said
"Every night?"
He laughed
"Why not?"
I swallowed
"Niall, we're in my house and do you want that dad finds out about it?"
He released me and shook his head directly.
"We must just be silent!"
I shook my head
"I don't want to do it here, in my room, when they're home!"
Niall just smiled and ran his hand through my hair.
"Everyone does it Nelly, we are no different to any other and you must admit that you want!"
I sighed and realized that he was more to it than against it. Niall was perhaps not as perfect as I thought, but at the same time, I knew he was right.


Mary helped me out with extra bed and Niall held all the time on the camera. He got it to film perfectly over the yard and he was satisfied. Mary looked wondering at him and seemed suspicious.
"How is it that you care so much?"
Niall smiled weakly.
"Perrie shouldn't get what she wants!" he mumbled. "She thinks she owns all and I will not allow it. Nobody should hurt my girlfriend or her family!"
Mary said nothing more, but made ​​bed for him, then she left us alone.


All went to bed in the evening. Niall sat at the window and seemed to wait for Perrie, that she would show up.
"She might not come tonight!" I got out of me. Niall looked out the window and sighed lightly. He didn't trust my words and shook his head.
"She's coming!"
He put on the set and then came over to me. He sat down on the extra bed and seemed to dream away.
"What is it?" I got out of me. Niall smiled weakly but avoided my gaze.
"Maybe she will do the same to my house?"
I swallowed
"But you're not at home?" 
He picked up the phone and called. It didn't answer and he hung up.
"Mom and Dad may be asleep?" he mumbled. I looked at him that he was worried.
"Shall we go to your house?"
He shook his head directly.
"They will not believe me and dad think that I'm not always right!"


Eventually he began to undress and when he crawled into my bed, I frowned on the forehead.
"You have an extra bed?"
He didn't care, and lay on top of me. I understood what he wanted, but for the moment I had other things in my head.
"Stop Niall!"
He kissed my neck and didn't care. I felt that he had boner and he was sure to press it against me. I tried to get him away, but Niall continued.
"You wish!" he murmured and kissed my lips. Again he made me forget what I wanted. He caressed me and finally he lay naked on top of my naked body.
"Dad can hear us!"
Niall laughed a little bit.

Niall took up the condoms and opened a package. I saw that he really wanted and he took one over his member.
"It's natural!" he mumbled and looked into my eyes. "Only with you I want to do it and you love it!"
I said not no, and felt his hand caressing me between the legs. He let his fingers penetrate and directly I moaned quietly. He kissed me again and replaced his fingers with his cock. I knew how he penetrated and pretty soon he moved quickly. I bit my lip and took my legs around his waist. Niall smiled big and kissed my neck. He knew exactly what he would do to make me want more. He couldn't control me and it was a little scary.


Finally, he lifted me up in his arms and I looked on him.
"The bed creak!" he mumbled and kept a firm grip under my butt. I had my legs around his waist and he stood up with me in his arms. He went over to one of the walls and pushed me up against it. I felt he started to move again and this time I was almost crazy. He was moving so fast and perfect. He moaned against my ear and seemed completely in what we did. I let my eyes drift across the room and toward the computer. Right as it was, I saw Perrie and the others standing outside the house. I almost lost the spirit and forced Niall to release me.
"They're here!"
He moaned in disappointment and released me.
"Do you mean it?"
I pointed to his laptop and he turned his head . Directly he stopped and just stared at the screen.
"They're here?" he whispered, and went straight away to the computer. He sat down on the floor and stared on the screen. "What do they want to do tonight?"
I put on my nightgown and sat down beside him.


Niall was aiming the camera and tried to zoom in Perries face. It was unclear and it didn't look like her. Niall struggled on with the settings and seemed inside what he did.
"Shall we sit here all night?" I was unsure. Niall gave me a quick glance and smiled weakly.
"I just want to get evidence that we can showcase to the head teacher or the police!"
I sighed and leaned back against the wall. He held on until he was satisfied.
"There she is!" he whispered, and was almost proud. "She will not get away this time!"
I chose to go back to bed and put me under the covers. I looked at Niall and smiled a little bit. He sat naked on my floor and was working on the computer. It looked pretty sexy, but at the same time a little weird.


Eventually I fell asleep!


I woke up when Niall crawled into the bed and he wanted to continue where we had stopped.
"They're gone now!" he murmured and kissed my neck. He pulled off my nightgown and I noted that he had put on a new condom.
"Can't we just sleep?" I mumbled, but Niall didn't give up.
"Just a quickie!" he mumbled and spread my legs. I looked into his eyes. He brought his hand down and again he made me moan silently. He caressed me and looked constantly into my eyes.
"I love to see you enjoy!" he whispered happily and enjoyed that I pressed myself against him. To my great surprise, he turned me around and made ​​me stand on all fours.
"I want to try this!" he muttered and rubbed my back. He penetrated  his dick and slowly he filled me.
"It's ridiculous!" I mumbled but he went on and pretty soon he was inside a rapid pace. He caressed my back and seemed to like it. 
"You are so beautiful!" he mumbled and seemed not to care about me, what I wanted!


Finally he spun me around and sat me on his lap. He got me to start riding him and he held me tight between his arms. He moaned against my ear and forced me to step up. Finally he came and leaned into me. He filled the condom and groaned loudly. I looked into his eyes and wondered if he was addicted?


When he was finished, he lay down on his back in bed and smiled at me.
"Your turn!"
He forced me to sit on his face and pretty soon I moaned. He used his tongue and pushed me down towards him. I looked down at his eyes and he stared at me the whole time. I felt his tongue work and how his lips caressed me. Eventually I came and almost rode on his tongue. Niall was happy, but I felt stupid. I walked quickly away from the bed and put on my nightgown.
"Dad filming outside the doors!" I mumbled and left the room. I went into the bathroom and started the shower. This time, I was anything but happy. Niall had become a different person and seemed to think I was as crazy as he was. 


Niall came after me into the bathroom and I noticed that he had clothes on. He took them off and made me company under the running water.
"What is it?" he whispered in my ear and I turned my face toward him.
"You seem to think I want to do all that stuff with you?"
Niall smiled a little pale and washed his face carefully. Then he gave me a light kiss on the cheek.
"I know at you love it!" almost he hissed. "To do that means that you show love and affection towards each other. I don't want to do the same thing every time, and try different positions!"


When we came into the bedroom again I peered at the laptop. Perrie wasn't there and it was empty at the yard. I sighed lightly and went to bed. I lay down under the covers and was delighted when Niall lay down in the extra bed. He smiled big at me.
"Good night, sweetheart!"
I swallowed
"Good night!"

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