Prince Charming

To getting the person you wants, but what happens when it's all a lie? When the truth doesn't come out until it's too late? What if you find that the lies just get bigger and you end up in the middle of everything?


10. Burglary

The class began getting started with exercise in the theater. Sara got a better role and I had even replicas with her. Niall eventually learned to talk without the text under his nose and he did quite well.

"So the scenes will also be done!" the teacher said, pointing at all. "We're going to make the clothes and you all should all be on it. I see no difference between those who act and those who will manage the light. Everyone is important!"


Perrie and others held more and more for themselves. They always looked cool to me and I realized that I was a hate object. I had ruined everything for them. Maybe I would have gone more away from them? But I chose to be me and do everything I used to.
"They just stare!" Sara muttered to me. "They can't do anything about the school and maybe it will lead to Perrie is angrier?"


Niall and I would go home for the day and we went out of school. Direct, we noted that the gang stood around his car. On the roof was Perrie and she fixed her eyes on us. She said something to the other and right away I knew it would be trouble. Niall took direct my hand and walked with firm steps towards the car.
"What are you doing?" he wondered and Perrie just laughed cold at us.
"We are looking across the school yard and chose the perfect place to do it from!"
Niall was about to open the car door when Perries legs came down from the ceiling and stopped him.

"You shouldn't take our seat!"
"It's my car!"
She laughed cold and shook her head.
"Don't you remember who made ​​sure you got the car? It now belongs to me!"
Niall shook his head.
"Stop with this silly thing and let me go home!"
Perrie jumped down on the ground and stood very close to Niall.
"You picked the whore before me!"
Niall gulped and looked into her eyes.
"You don't own me!"
She grinned at him and didn't release him.
"Well I own you and I will make sure that you leave the whore and return to your place in the gang!"
I wanted to leave, but Niall was holding my hand tightly. He was completely numb in the body and seemed as scared as me. Still, he played safe and didn't release her with his eyes.
"I will not go back to you!"  
Perrie turned her eyes and looked at me quickly, then she looked at Niall again.
"Why are you fucking the whore and not me?"
Niall came up with a cold and fake smile.
"Because you have been naked with everyone else and I don't want such a girl!"
I gulped and watched that Harry blushed. While Louis and Zayn looked away. Liam came up to us and looked uncertainly at Perrie.
"Can't we just let him be?"
She shook her head
"No, he belongs to us!"
Liam pulled easily in Perries arm to get her away.
"The headmaster stare!"
She sighed and she looked towards the school and moved from the car door. Before she went away, she took hold of Nialls arm and looked at him.
"This isn't the last time that I show up."
Then she clasped her fingers and got the others to follow away from us. I swallowed and met Nialls eyes.
"She's crazy!"
Niall just nodded and unlocked the car. We jumped in quickly, and he drove away quickly from the parking lot.


I followed Niall home and his parents weren't home. We came into his room and immediately came the income message on Nialls mobile. He read it and then threw the phone away on the desktop.
"Was it her?" I got out of me and he just nodded carpet to answer.
"She's crazy!" Niall mumbled tired. "She tried to seduce me several times, but I always said no!"
I sat down on the bed and noted that he was nervous. He looked at me and seemed to dream away in his thoughts.
"She believes that all the guys want her, but it's not true!"  
I actually didn't know what to say. I was scared of Perrie in a way, but I knew she was just selfish. She thought only of herself and I was glad that Niall didn't want her.


Finally Niall sat down next to me and hugged me with both hands. He gave me a light kiss on my hair and smiled weakly.
"I love you and I'm sorry if I talk too much about her!"
I took my arms around Nialls body and looked up at him.
"I know you love me, I trust you!"


In the evening, I showered and felt unsure about tomorrow. It felt like Perrie wouldn't let us be and I wondered what she had planned to do to us? I put on my night clothes and walked over to the desk. I looked out the window and got direct view of shapes outside my house. My eyes became accustomed to the darkness and I saw that there were people. I was startled and backed off so they wouldn't see me. Direct I took up the cell phone and called Niall
"I think Perrie and the other is outside my house!"
Niall swallowed, and I heard how he thought through the situation.
"Shall I come?"
I shook my head.
"Daddy's home and they can't make burglary?" 
Niall responded to the last thing I said, and I heard that he was afraid.
"You don't know what she can do. I will come over to you and I don't care if your dad gets mad!"


Niall sneaked in the back door and we were so quiet that we could just be. We turned off all the lights in my room and he looked out onto the courtyard. They remained standing there and hadn't moved. I felt scared and crawled under the covers.
"So you'll stand there all night?"
Niall shook his head and came over to the bed. He took off his pants and crawled down beside me.
"But I will not let you be alone if they find to do anything stupid!" 
I put my head on his chest and felt his arms around me. I listened to all the sounds and swallowed. It felt like a movie! The evil character of the movie stood outside the house and you were just waiting for her to enter. Niall kept me hard and I heard his heart. Somehow I felt safe in his arms and was glad he was there.


Middle of the night I awoke to someone walked outside my door. I had locked it, because Niall was beside me. I knew that my dad never opened my door, but I wanted to make sure he didn't see us. I heard steps wandered around and finally I woke up Niall. I put my hand directly over his mouth and noted that he heard the steps. He looked at me with big eyes and then we turned around and looked at the door. Someone started to touch the handle and felt on it. I froze. There was silence outside the door and then I heard the handle was moving again. Now I was scared!


I don't know how long we lay and listened to the door handle, but eventually silenced the steps and walked toward the stairs down. I looked at Niall and he just stared at the door. It was as if we didn't knew how we would react.


Eventually Niall got up and went towards the window. He said nothing and I looked at him that he was just as scared as I was. We heard the front door open and close. Had they been able to get into the house? I did direct a choice. I walked over to the door, locked it up and almost ran to my dad's room. I opened the door and went to bed. I woke him up fast!
"Come to my room!" I whispered and he looked crestfallen at me.
I gulped and looked pointedly at him.
"My room now!"


Okay! He wasn't happy when he saw Niall, but we explained everything and dad saw those who was standing outside the house. When he had gone down and noticed that the front door wasn't locked, he came back to us.
"I believe in you!" 
I was scared and crawled back into bed. Dad took up the phone and rang the police.
"Yes they are standing outside!" he said angrily. "Yes, I had locked the door and I'm sure it was locked before I went to bed!"
Niall sat next to me and took my hand. He held it tightly and looked at dad with his eyes.


Eventually the police came and immediately disappeared all the persons outside the house. Dad went down and talked with them. He explained everything, or what they needed to know. Niall and I stood in the doorway and listened to their voices.
"You have a nice daddy!" Niall whispered and smiled at me. "He didn't throw me out!"
I just nodded and felt how close to me Niall stood. He took his arms around my shoulders and hugged me from behind. We heard how dad thanked the police and locked the door, then he came up to us.
"They saw that someone had entered through the door!" he mumbled. "In the morning and go and buy a burglar alarm."

I nodded and noted that dad stared at Niall.
"We do nothing in my bed!" I said right away and frowned. "He's sleeping over tonight and I don't care what you say!"
Dad sighed a little bit.
"Do your parents know you're here?"
Niall shook directly on the head and swallowed.
"I left a note, but I don't know if they see it tomorrow!"
I guess dad meant well and he saw at me that I was scared.
"Okay!" he muttered and saw the warning on Niall. "But you only sleep and tomorrow I'll call your parents and explain everything."
Niall nodded directly
"We promise!"
Dad then looked at me and seemed unsure if he made the right choice.
"No more than sleep!"


I locked the door to my room and we crawled back into bed. Niall laughed a little bit and took me in his arms.
"Your dad should know what we doing during the day?"
I hit him
Niall just smiled and I felt his hands around my back. I laid my head back against his chest and continued to listen to sounds. Niall seemed to think otherwise, and slowly he pulled up my nightgown. Direct I pulled it down and shook the head.
"Stop it!"
Niall just sighed teasingly and didn't give up.
"Your dad are soon asleep and they have the room away from your room!"
I looked up at him and showed with my face that I didn't want to.
"When our parents are at home we don't have sex!"
Niall looked disappointed in me.
"But a little bit?"
I shook my head but was amused by him. He looked like a puppy, but I was sure of my case.
"Stop Niall and slept., We have school tomorrow!"


Still, I woke up a while later that he was lying on my back. He rubbed him against my butt and moaned lightly.
I turned around and felt his boner against me.
"Niall stop!"
He rubbed himself between my legs and groaned quietly. I felt that he was horny, but it felt so wrong. I felt that he pulled down his pants and then he kissed me tenderly. I tried to resist, but was unsuccessful. He pulled down my panties and penetrated. We were quiet and I tried to listen for the dad's voice. I didn't know if he was sleeping. Niall was moving faster and took down a hand against my clit. He made me forget time and space. Instead, I let him continue, but we were silent. I pressed my face against his neck and nearly bit him to be quiet. He made me shiver with pleasure. He made me move the hip in his pace and he got me to love every thing he did.


When we heard someone outside the door, we stopped. Niall lay still on top of me and seemed to understand the seriousness. He removed his hand and we listened on. The ladder went to the toilet and then we heard someone flushed and went back to my parents' room. Niall laughed quietly and then looked into my eyes.
"A little bit exciting is that!" he whispered, and slowly began to move his hip again. I just smiled and felt him once again filled me. He kissed me and let his tongue play with mine. I took my legs around his waist and brought me to him. Niall groaned again, but this time barely audible. He took down his hand and it didn't take much until I come. I pressed myself against him and felt my whole body shook. He smiled and made me almost forget that dad was in the house. Niall was so excited by it all that he filled me with cum immediately afterwards. I felt he pushed himself inside and he moaned quietly against my ear.


"We need to buy condoms!" I whispered directly afterwards and he nodded.
"I know!"
I swallowed and realized why my father didn't want me to do more. I could be pregnant and it was the last thing we needed. Niall wanted certainly not to be a dad and I had read about girls who become pregnant. It didn't sound fun! 
"I promise to buy it tomorrow!" continued with Niall. "We will not be able to stop doing it!"
I sighed
"You should be able to keep up?"
He smiled and shook his head.
"I always want you, and sometimes I think I'm over sexual!"
I sighed
"Perhaps you are?"
Niall laughed quietly and looked into my eyes.
"It's just that I love it and you're so perfect!"
I smiled at him and pulled my hands through his hair.
"I love you, and the other comes with the package!"

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