Anonymous Crime; Anonymous Detective.

A short detective movella, full of cliff hangers, suspense and tension, with a big twist! I very much hope you enjoy the story!


2. Secrecy is crucial.

   I tapped my chin. A variety of thoughts crossed my mind, ranging from the obvious to the unbelievable. There seemed to be no logical answer to the murder. Of course, it always seemed this way at the start of the investigation.

"Have you 'ad any advances on who the murderer is?" chortled the voice down the phone.

"Not yet, but I'm working on it." came my reply.

"Well, y'er bett'r be working fast 'cause this gotta be solved quick."

"Yes, sir." He put the phone down before he heard my reply. I sighed; an awkward sigh intermittent with a chuckle and a frown. The police these days were useless. They counted on others to give them the answer, an counted on all anonymous tip-offs to be true. One day, they would trip, and it would hurt.


   Today was important: very much so. It was the day where I would finally approach the crime scene. I was going  to arrive - disguised as a copper - after acquiring the necessary documents and clothes to make myself a believable policeman. Secrecy was crucial to me. Throughout my anonymous involvement in solving crimes in the past, my identity was carefully hidden. In order to do this, I replaced my mobile phone every month, so that they couldn't trace the calls back to me; revealing both my location and identity. Likewise, any documents I handled were only done so with gloves. The police took all of the credit for my successes, obvoiously. But that was less than a strike of misfortune, for my privacy suited me well.

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