Anonymous Crime; Anonymous Detective.

A short detective movella, full of cliff hangers, suspense and tension, with a big twist! I very much hope you enjoy the story!


1. Crimson liquid.

   Inconspicuously, the Shadow crept along the creaky, wooden walkway, that of the Hayley household. Beyond the boundaries of the building, a terrific force rattled against the clear, square frames on the ornate house, threatening the foundations of the stately house of crashing to the ground: almost like a warning. The steps of the Shadow and squeaks of the solid oak panels as they were swung open were completely shrouded by the Earth's harsh elements.

   A smirk cracked across the Shadow's face. Accompanied by a wild look in its eye, it approached the correct oak partition and reached out towards a round, golden handle. A large four poster frame inhabited the room, surrounded by expensive, draping tapestries and countless delicate collections of items. Only a moment later, the figure was towering over the raised mattress - serrated object in hand.


   Everything stopped.

   Then a scream, ear piercing and traumatizing, clearly heard even over the ferocious storm. A crimson liquid gushed over the pristine white sheets. With the howl of the wind far behind him, the Shadow was gone.

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