Shauna Bauchfield is constantly trying to find her missing younger sister who disappeared on Friday, April 26 at a friends party. Finally, after being tortured by the idea that her sister is being hurt, she starts getting clues to where her sister might be leading into a kidnapping case. Shauna doesn't want her parents to find out about these clues, so she runs away to find out where they lead to.


2. The note


      I was shivering, it was so cold for some reason even though it was spring after all I did live in Long Island, New York. The air was frosted and dewy drops held off of the leaves in Chelsea's backyard. My whole body laid on the cold dirt and wet grass with Lexie's shoes next to me. My fingers were grasping the shoelaces, my knuckles were almost white. My eyes were wide with fear, should I have screamed? Should I have ran? I didn't know what to do. So many questions were running through my head as the hedges in the yard stared back at me. One of the biggest questions I had was how were these shoes here for so long without anyone noticing? Or did someone put them here right now? I forced myself up and off the ground, my entire body trembling. I slipped through the rusted metal gate and crept back into my suburban. Once I was inside my car, I locked the doors, I guess I felt as if someone was watching me. I quickly checked the backseat and the trunk to make sure that nobody slipped into my car when I wasn't looking. I immediately drove away, slamming on the gas pedal while turning on the radio. Katy Perry started playing, and even though I sang along most of the time her voice seemed like it was screaming at me and not singing so I turned the radio off. I stared back at Lexie's shoes that I had put on the seat next to me, when I approached a stop light I picked them up. As I was examining them I turned them sideways and a small paper fell out of one of the shoes. I was about to open it when a car honked behind me, the light was green and I didn't go. I started driving very quickly as if I was in grand theft auto or something. My heart was pounding and my mind was racing, what did the note say? Who put it there? My reaction was to go to the most crowded place possible so if some serial killer tried to attack me I would be safe. 20 minutes later I pulled into the parking lot of the mall, teenagers were scattered everywhere, adults with little children were walking up to the building, cigarette ash and remains of plastic bags flew in the air. I took a deep breath in and pulled out the note.

Congratulations, you have found the first clue to your quest of where Lexie Bauchfield could be....You have simple instructions. Follow the clues and you will find the girl. When you reach the last clue it will tell you if the girl is dead or alive. Be scared if you do not look for the clues, for the person who plants them is always watching. 

I whipped my head around, starting to hyperventilate. I started trying to suck in the air but it wasnt working. I fumbled into my glove compartment and pulled out an inhaler and breathed in deep. This didn't only scare me but it made me very sad, maybe she was dead.  

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