Shauna Bauchfield is constantly trying to find her missing younger sister who disappeared on Friday, April 26 at a friends party. Finally, after being tortured by the idea that her sister is being hurt, she starts getting clues to where her sister might be leading into a kidnapping case. Shauna doesn't want her parents to find out about these clues, so she runs away to find out where they lead to.


1. Her Shoes


         On April 26, 2007 I slayed my body out of my bed, tired and weak I looked at the cat calendar hung up on my bedroom wall. At first it didn't hit me but then the date seemed familiar, and my eyes welled up with tears and my heart felt achy and sore. I felt like April 26 was a brick wall coming down on my chubby body. I walked to my bedroom door, my legs felt sore and my back had pains. Before I could even reach the door handle a knock was heard through it, I opened the door to see my short mother. "You OK?" she asked me, as she noticed the tears I was trying to suck up into my eyes. I looked at her with my mouth open, unable to talk only a crackly choking sound came out. She hated to see me cry, so she held me and cried with me and we sobbed and sobbed into each others shoulders, snot running down our shirts, our faces the color of magenta. My panicky breath came out as I started hyperventilating, I quickly pushed my mom away from me and ran into my room to grab my inhaler that was closest to me. I took in a deep breath and tried to take control of myself. "You shouldn't go to school today." my mom said. 

"I-I cant miss I have a test, in my chemistry class." I replied, pulling my hair over my eyes. 

"I will tell Mr. Chapini that you're sick today, nobody should go to school like this. Anyways, I don't need you having anymore asthma attacks at school." she said. 

Of course on top of all the problems I already have I have to have asthma with all of it. I dont just have a minor case of asthma I have a really bad problem with asthma. Its not like I get it when I am around certain plants or pollution like most people. I get asthma attacks when I am sad. Asthma is a freak disease that can affect anyone when anything out of the ordinary happens to them, and for me its being very sad. You're probably wondering, why am I so sad and why do I cry only on April 26th, whats so special about it? Well, I can tell you the story.

Two years ago I went to a party with my sister, she was one year younger then me. The party was at some girl named Chelsea's house and we were invited by her cousin who was in my grade at the time. The party was a little crazy and I wanted to leave after about an hour, but my sister wanted to stay because she liked one of the guys who was there. I finally was able to force her to start leaving, but at the last minute she said she forgot something outside, so I stayed inside and waited for her, and waited and waited. After 10 minutes I went outside to see where she was, but I couldn't find her. I suspected that she ran off to make out with some boy, but I wasn't able to find her. After an hour I started panicking a little but I wasn't too worried because she was known as the party type, I was more worried about my parents finding out that she had gone out and that I wasn't watching her. Another hour passed, and we still couldn't find her. She went missing at 8:00 pm and I called my parents to tell them I couldn't find her at 10:30. My parents weren't too angry at me but more worried about where she could be. We called the police at 12:00, they arrived and there was no sign of her. Now, she has been missing for two years and every April 26th we all became depressed zombies. 

"Fine, I wont go to school today." I told my mom, wiping my nose on my sleeve. 

"Alright, I will call your school." 

I went back to my bed but I couldnt seem to keep still. I fidgeted, tossed and turned, because there was one thing that I couldnt get rid of that was still on my mind. 

I told my mom I was leaving the house to go to starbucks and get breakfast, but I really started driving to Lenox avenue to visit Chelsea's house. She had a gate that led to her huge backyard. I snuck inside the gate and gazed around, the cool misty air hung around and chills ran down my spine. This was the last memory I had of my sister, her kidnapper could have been here, or maybe she ran away, maybe her body was hiding somewhere. The thoughts I had made me sick but they always came into my mind. I was scared to stand there, I was scared that her kidnapper would pop out and slit my throat or hit me with a baseball bat. I was scared that the police didnt do a thorough check and her body was buried under my feet. I heard a crunch in the bushes and I whipped around to see what it was. I felt too paranoid and like I should have run into my car and driven away. I became frozen and scared, like a rotisserie chicken was being turned round and round in my stomach. I finally turned around and started jogging, while looking behind me when I tripped on something. The chicken in my stomach turned faster and faster when I looked down to the object I tripped on. I saw the top of a shoe sticking out of the dirt. For some reason I pulled it out and I wasnt sure why I did but I had a strange feeling telling me to pull it out. When I finally did pull it out, its shoelaces were tied to another shoe's shoelaces. Suddenly a memory flashed before me.

"Shauna, wait right here Im gonna run outside real quick and grab my shoes I think I left  them there." 

Those were the last words I heard from my sister. I looked in horror at the shoes I was holding. Lexie's shoes <3 was written on the bottom of them. I forgot to tell you one thing, my sister's name was Lexie.


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