More Than the Time We've Had

Young dancer, Isaac Davis struggles with keeping his past a secret or acting out on his feelings for a special someone, when realizing he's been picked to be a dance for Justin's Tour.


3. Reunite

The next day could not have been any slower. Justin and I, and a whole day to ourselves was the last thing I wanted. I get dressed in the best clothes I had. A leather jacket over a white tee, and black skinnies. My shoes were black and white Jordans. I blowdry my hair in the mirror, styling almost like Justin's flip do. My eyes, hazel, shine in the bright light coming from the bulbs over the mirror. Justin get's ready in the mirror next to me. We're the only ones in the room; Carol and Scotter went to a meeting to discuss certain things. 

"Be careful drying your hair over the water filled sink." He looks over at me.

"I know, father." I say. His face shows hurt. "I was just making sure - "

"Justin, I'm fully capable of looking after myself." I cut him off. He goes back to shaving. I do admit, he does look good standing there in nothing but a white towel. His wet body. Water drips down his legs, and I become a little excited. "You okay there?" He asks smiling. 

"What do you mean?" I ask. He just chuckles, and his eyes quickly direct to my pants. My cheeks turn red, and I cover my bulge. I quickly wash my face and sit on the couch. I turn on the tv and watch it waiting for Justin to finish getting ready. The screen goes black in between the show and commercial break and in the reflection I see Justin digging into his dresser. His towel falls, and exposes his bubble butt, and I laugh out loud. He pulls up his towel quickly and turns around. His cheeks are bloodshot red, and a large smirk he has. "Sorry, he says."

"For what?" I play it off, as if I didn't see anything. He turns around and walks into the washroom, closing the door. An hour later, he comes out fully clothed, and his hair done. He throws his towel at me and it lands on my face. I throw the towel off my face back at him, and hide my smile. 

"Hehe," He laughs. "Come on. Time to go!" He yells excitedly. We walk out of the room, and go down to the garage. We drive his Camaro, which I don't remember him owning, and is surprisingly enough my favorite car. I hop in the passenger's side and Justin stands at the front seat holding the door open. "Well, you gonna get in?" I ask. 

"Nah, you're driving." He winks at me. I get up out of excitement, and I sit down in the front seat. He closes the door for me, which would have usually pissed me off, if I wasn't so excited. I turn the key, and begin driving. "Where to?" I ask.   

"Erm, drive us to the spanish restaurant on green. It's lunch time and I'm getting hungry." I look at the time to see it's five thirty. We drive to the restaurant. He orders us each a bottle of Malta, some type of spanish soda, and pastelillos, a Spanish turnover with a flaky crust and a sweet filling. We eat and discuss how our lives have been since our split. Although, we refuse to bring up the split. I think it's what's for the best, considering it makes me pissed off at him, every time I think of it. I smile the whole time and suck up my pride. 

When we leave he tells me that we should talk. Oh my god. Can't he just leave this all alone? I guess not. We sit at a bench at the nearby park. "Listen, Justi - "

"Isaac!" He raises his voice. "Relax. The biggest fuck up in my life was when I left you. I just thought that life would be easier on you if you could just live life without my drama."

"Justin. It's fine, really. We just need to move on." I say my eyes filling with tears, on the verge of spilling out. 

"But, Isaac. I. . . I." Tears spill down his cheeks as he begins to stutter. 

"I love you." He says. My mouth opens in shock. My mind travels thousands of miles per second but reality travels in slow-motion. He breaks the silence by attaching his lips to mine. Sparks fly, and my mind spins in circles. My body tenses up but relaxes as my lips become familiar with his. His eyes are closed the whole time, and his hands reach up to hold my face. He bites onto my bottom lip, and he comes back for seconds.

My body becomes overwhelmed with so much intense emotion, that I've never felt before. With him or anybody. A surge of excitement enters my body and floods my veins. "I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry." This memory of two years ago comes back quickly. The excitement dies. I become more aware of my surroundings. And my hearts stops for a second and begins to hurt almost as him a sword had pierced it. I pull back quickly and stand up turning away from him.

I breathe in a huge amount of air, and look back at him when I know my hearts fine enough. Tears fall down his beautiful face. "I'm so sorr -" He says, but I run towards hims and grab his face and slam my lips into his. The feeling is great. He lays on the bench while we make out. 


Hey guys, I hope you liked this chapter as I really enjoyed writing it. If you enjoyed please comment, so that I will continue to write more. Thanks :)

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