More Than the Time We've Had

Young dancer, Isaac Davis struggles with keeping his past a secret or acting out on his feelings for a special someone, when realizing he's been picked to be a dance for Justin's Tour.


1. Refresh

                        A time I've spent with him, is all a distant memory. The time we kissed; so far from reach. I sit at my piano in my basement, singing our song. The sound of the lullaby he wrote me echoes throughout the entire basement. I feel the music enter my body, spreading throughout my veins. My eyes become watery and I reach my free hand up to wipe away the tears the cloud my vision, placing my hand down to continue the song. I'm alone on a stage playing this echoey tune throughout the entire theatre. The red seats, thousands of them, remain as empty as a dead man's body. Red carpets line the aisles and doors begin at the foot of the carpet, where the entrance is. Curtains hang from the very edges of the small balconies on the sides of this room, which are reserved for the higher class tickets. 

                       "Sing me this song," I sing. "For I will always be here."

                       "For even when you're far away, I will always be near."

                    A tear falls down from eyes forming a small puddle on the piano key. Then the scene forms back into my basement. And my phone rings. It's Carol, my manager. 

                        "Hey Isaac! How's my little professional doing?" She says excitedly. 

                        "I'm eighteen now, carol."

                        "I've been calling you that - for what, twelve years now? I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon." There's a long pause.

                        "You called because?" 

                        "Oh, right! Your hair appointment is at 10:30, which is in an hour. I'll be there to pick you up in a half hour. Be ready!" Click. 

                   I walk up the stairs and into my room, pulling out a long sleeved sweater, jeans and a jacket. I hear horn outside, and looking out through my blinds i see Carol's car. I run out the front door to the car and look at Carol who seems a little over excited. 

                        "Seatbelt!" She exclaims.

                  I groan clicking my belt into the buckle and the car roars to life as we drive. The whole ride, Carols face stays excited  and doesn't change for the least second. What does she have planned? She sometimes says something like "how are you" or "are you excited". When I ask her:

                        "What should I be excited about?"

                        "You're going to.... never mind, you'll see!" Sh replies.

                  Oh my god. I hate surprises, and this is pissing me off. So I say "okay" and push my chair back, relaxing. Five minutes later we stand at the front desk of the hair place. 

                        " 10:30 appointment for Isaac Davis." Carol tells the receptionist. 

                        " Okay, Mr Davis. Please walk with me." The receptionist - Barbera - directs. 

                  In two hours time, we're out of the building and driving towards a coffee spot on maine. All she tells me is that she needs to talk to me somewhere publicly, whatever that means. So I say "okay" again, this time refraining from asking anymore questions that she wouldn't answer. We pull up to a Coffee's Delight, which is a small building with a sign that says "We've got it all!". We sit down at a booth, which was hard to find, because it's crowded in here. 

                       " Don't freak when I tell you this, but I've got you on tour with someone."

                       " Why would I frea-" And then it hit me. Instantly my face turned from confused to nothing. I only know one person that's going on tour that would make me upset to be on tour with. My body turns numb and my tongue can't find the words to say .

                       "Justin Bieber." She validates my worst nightmare.

                  The last time I"ve seen him, felt his body, was two years ago. Surely there would be some awkwardness coming from the two of us. He left me in tears when he'd told me that it would have to be over, the sneaking behind Selena's back. That it would ruin his reputation. That was the last time I was on his dance crew, just before I'd told Carol I didn't want to work near him anymore. Carol never knew why, but she still followed through with my request at which was more of a demand. He does love Selena, but he loves me too. I just wish he loved me more. But it's too late. He chose her over me. 

                      "Carol," I grunted.

                      "I know Isaac, but you can't blame me." I looked at her waiting.

                      "You never did tell me why you refuse to work with him."

                      "He's a douche," I said, but then I thought I'd give him some credit. "Well most of the time, that is."

                      "Well it's good money." 

                      "I know Carol. You've forgotten I've worked with him before. I can't believe you."

                      "I'm sorry Isaac." She says with a puppy dog face. Her face turns back to her always peppy look. "But you'll have to do it anyway."

                       I groan, muttering, "Oh my god."

                  It all makes sense, why she chose to specifically bring me somewhere public. I wouldn't be so mad that I would cause a scene and embarrass myself. The whole time, my feet thump the floor while I stare in the depths of my own reflection in the window next to me. The man - Zach to be exact - comes to our tables placing our drinks in front of us. It takes all my strength not to knock the cup of coffee off the table, shattering as it hits the ground. Before I do that, I get up and quickly walk - more like run - out of the door, and I sit on the edge of the sidewalk thumping my foot on the asphalt. Headlights blind me and I shield my eyes. The lights die out and parked right in front of me is a black Range Rover. 

                  In the back pops out a taller and older version of Justin Bieber, well the incognito version of him. I could tell it was him, because I know Justin when I see him.  In the front pops out Scooter. Scooter walks right next to me continuing toward the door. But Justin stands right next to me. He sniffs the air, shakes his head, and continues walking inside the coffee place. He couldn't see my face because I hid it in the palms of my hands. I look over my shoulder slightly to see them talking to - to Carol! Oh damn. I'm screwed. 

                    I stand up and when I turn around, Justin looks at me and smiles. I give him a sarcastic smile and he gets the message. His smile fades, and looks back to Carol who gestures for me to come inside. I wanted to say no, but I knew I was stuck and had to submit. I walked inside, a pass rows and rows of people who, surprisingly, didn't notice the 'biggest pop star on Earth'. He glances at me but his face remains blank. 

                              "Hey Isaac," Scooter says. 

                              "Hey Scooter," I say and shake his hand. Obviously he doesn't know that I hate Justin right now. Well I love Justin, but right now I hate him.

                              "Scooter and Justin can't wait to have you perform with Justin. They've missed you." She says this very heavy insinuating that they don't have any problems with me, as I do Justin. "Isn't that right, Justin."

                              "Yeah, I guess." He says while texting someone, or tweeting. 






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