More Than the Time We've Had

Young dancer, Isaac Davis struggles with keeping his past a secret or acting out on his feelings for a special someone, when realizing he's been picked to be a dance for Justin's Tour.


2. Notification

                   "Justin, show him some respect." Scooter says.

                   "Yes, I can't wait to work with you!" He says sarcastically.


I should just throw that coffee all over his face. But, I can't blame him for being upset with me, even though I had every reason to take out my anger on him. I guess Carol senses my anger getting the best of me and she elbows me in my arm. I slowly relax and eventually become so relax that I just become numb to the world.

                 "Are we done here?" I ask impatiently. Carol sends me a stern look. "What, just                                 because I'm not a celebrity doesn't mean I don't need my beauty sleep."

                 "Yes Isaac, but if you don't mind we've got a big enough room for you guys to sleep in                       the same room with us." Scooter says.


Boy oh boy, this is just getting better and better. Why not let us sleep in the same damn bed together, since we're just trying to get us closer and closer. I can't bear being in the same room with Justin, let alone sleep in the same room. I'm not having it. 


                 "Actually we - " I begin but get cut off by Carol.

                 "Would love to share rooms, if that's not too much of a burden."She says.

Can someone just put tape over her mouth?  Justin seems to have a change of heart as he hears this.

                "This is going to be awesome!" He says.

                "Shut up," I almost say but refrain from starting up anything. I take out my Iphone and                          begin texting my friend Caitlyn.


Me: Ugh. You're not going to guess who I'm going on tour with?!

Five minutes later she replies. And to my amazement:

Caitie: Justin? 

I reply immediately.

Me: How'd you guess?

Caitie:He's the only person you'd be mad to go on tour with.


               "Isaac," Carol Calls. "Ready to go see our room?"

               "I guess."



Justin stands at the very front of the elevator and pushes the sixteenth button that says 'Presidential Suite' He stands next to me the whole ride up, and I can smell his cologne. It brings back a memory from when we lay on the sand of the beach during sunset. I rested my head against his bare chest while we watched the beautiful horizon. His cologne smelled just perfect a scent of cool breeze. "Imagine if we could just get away." He'd said. "Justin, you know we can't." I said. "But what if we could?" He'd always had this idea of running away with me on an island. He'd once thought of faking his death, but I brushed that aside. 

Ding! The doors of the elevator swing open revealing a large room with two large beds that looked like they could fit five people each bed. Two beds? What's going on here?

             "There are two couches in this room. It's not the best bed, but they are huge, comfortable                   and it's cheaper than having to rent a room." Justin says. 

             "Oh, okay." We walk toward the couches and we all sit. Justin sits next to me and smiles as he sits. That scent. Those Lips. I remember biting on those lips as we kissed. A tingling feeling runs down my entire body, and it begins to piss me off that he has so much control over me.


             " The busy schedule starts on Tuesday, so you and Justin will be able to have some time to                reunite."

Scooter says smiling and him and Carol lead off into their own conversation. Justin brings his lips close to my ears, just barely touching. "I've missed you." He says, his nice cool breath touching my ear and I shiver. "Justin, please don't. Focus on Selena." I say but he continues on.

             "I'm sorry I hurt you," he whispers.

             "It's alright but please leave me alone."

He stands up and walks over the the bed laying down with the blanket over his head. 

             "Going to bed already?" Scooter says. But Justin doesn't reply. My phone vibrate, and I receive a message from an unknown number.


Sender: I love you, Isaac. 

Underneath the message was a picture of tears falling down his face. That's the Justin I know. Not the unemotional kid his fans think he is. I leave the message unreplied. And he know's I read it. Thank you Iphone. I hope it torments him like he did to me for over two years. 



I will update if you guys comment, because I need to know if you like it before I continue. :)

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