More Than the Time We've Had

Young dancer, Isaac Davis struggles with keeping his past a secret or acting out on his feelings for a special someone, when realizing he's been picked to be a dance for Justin's Tour.


4. It takes two

It takes two to create a good relationship. It takes two people to be dedicated. That's the problem with me and Justin. He claims to love me a lot, which is true, but even though I love him more than anything else in the world, there's my trust issue. It's been on my mind all day. The kiss. His lips. My hands rubbing his chest under his shirt as we make out. Last night, was a mistake. A mistake I can't take back. What can I do?

I sit on the couch after lunch flipping through the channels. The television goes black and in the reflection I see Justin sit up in bed. He rubs his eyes, and looks at me. A huge grin spreads across his face. He licks his lips to moisturize them. So sexy.

"Hey, Isaac." He says in his morning voice. "Hey." I say with a smile. He gets up, walks to the washroom and closes the door as he starts to brush his teeth. He comes out of the wash room and comes to sit next to me on the couch. As he turns the corner of the couch has kisses me on the lips slowly and smoothly. He lays on the couch and I rest my head against his bare chest, just as we did on the beach years ago. "I love you Lucky," He says using the nickname he made up for me. I'm almost hesitant but I say, "I love you too." He smiles, kisses my forehead and continues to flip through the channels. 

"What do you want to do today?" He asks. I look up at him in question. "We only have one more day together before we begin rehearsals." I look at him, and suggest, "Maybe we should hit the movies?" I almost cover my big mouth after that comes out. Great, just great. More places that we can kiss at. Can somebody put tape over my mouth now? "That sounds like fun!" He says enthusiastically. He kisses my forehead again. "Well," He starts standing up."Let's start getting ready."

We head to the washroom, justin in his Cars boxers. I forgot he still loves that movie. I Chuckle. He looks at me from the sink closest to me, being that there are three in this room alone. "What?" He smile. 

"Oh nothing," I say cracking up while staring at his boxer. He laughs while continuing to brush his teeth. "I love Cars." He says. I finish brushing my teeth, and walk over to my luggage pulling out a purple hoodie, Justin's favorite color, and black skinnies. I put them on and go to blowdry my hair. From the other door next to me I hear the shower running. After I do my hair I sit at the couches, keeping the television off this time. I sit there thinking. Five minutes later, Justin walks out with nothing but a towel on and his body soaked. I've just realized how much more diesel Justin's become. I catch myself watching him, hoping that his towel were to fall off again. But nothing happens. He smiles catching me watching him and walks back into the washroom getting dressed. He comes out in a regular blue tee and black skinnies. From his bed he picks up his zip up hoodie and zips it all the way up. He puts his glasses on and looks at me, ready.

"Come one," He says smiling. I nod and we make our way to the elevator going down to the parking garage. Again, he has me drive the Camaro. The car roars to life and I drive us to the nearest movie theatre. "What movie did you want to see?" He asks. Looking at the selection, I choose the one I heard was good. "Prisoner." I suggest.

"Two tickets for Prisoner," He tells the lady. "That'll be twenty two dollars." She replies after she prints out the tickets. "Thanks." He says smiling. We buy a popcorn and a large cup of coke and he gets two straws. I smile, but remember I'm not trying to let him get me with his charm. We sneak into the back corner of the theatre, he said that we should "hide" back here for more privacy. The whole movie he holds my hand, and kisses me on the cheeks here and there. Finally, about two hours into the movie, he takes my face in his hands. 

"I know that I've hurt you," He says. "But I need you to know that I really do love you. I ended my relationship with Selena when I heard you were going to be working with me, so that I could be with you. Please know that I would do anything for you. I love you, Isaac." His eyes become watery but he holds them back. "I love you too," I say a tear streaming down my cheek. And I wasn't lying. He takes my face and pulls me in. His lips connect to mine, and this time the sparks fly even more. And for once in two years, I've forgiven him for what he did. I love him, I truly do. Excitement flows through my veins and my body reacts almost immediately. I blush but we continue to kiss. He pats me in the leg, "Let's get out of here," he says licking his lips. That night we leave and rent ourselves a room at a farther hotel. 


Hey guys, here's the line where more mature content will begin. I hope you are using discretion while reading this fanfic. Also, this time you won't figure out what happens next until I get at least two comments from two new people. Thanks, and hope to update soon!



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