Two Halves Of The Same Heart

Sophie is just a shy, quiet goody-goody muggle teenager who lives with her single mum. Chloe is an ordinary pureblood troublesome skilled and talented young witch who lives with her single dad. But when the two meet everything changes. Sophie and Chloe find out that their parents were once married and the two are two halves of the same person. Will the two work together to become one person or will they turn on each other and become two weaker beings who can’t live without the other?
(Note): Thanks to ATarnishedSoul for the amazing cover!


11. It's Almost Time

Months passed and April 20th was edging nearer. It was the Friday after the students of Hogwarts went home for Easter. April 19th. Sophie was getting jittery. She still hadn’t thought of a first name that she was happy with. She even got Hermione to help. “Emma?”

“No.” Sophie frowned.

“How about Olivia?” Hermione suggested.


“Nah.” Sophie groaned with boredom. Hermione huffed “OK, has Chloe come up with a middle name yet? That could help us.”

“She came up with Raven.” Harry said as he had spoken to Chloe about it earlier that day. “Hannah Raven?” Hermione continued. Sophie continued to shake her head. “What about Lucy?” Groaned Hermione thinking it’ll be another ‘no’. “Hmm,” Sophie said “Lucy Raven Lovelock. I like it.”


After a long time of choosing a name Sophie took a note to Professor McGonagall to remind her about what will be happening from midnight tonight. “Of course Miss Trickett. I understand.” Professor McGonagall said. Everything was ready. All the four of them, including Chloe, had to do was sneak out from their common rooms.


“That’s pips,” Chloe said when Sophie spoke to her during Potions “I’ve snuck out loads of times.”

“Great, me, Ron, Hermione and Harry are going to hide under Harry’s invisibility cloak,” Sophie explained “We’ll meet you in the Great Hall. Make sure Malfoy doesn’t follow you.”

“Don’t worry.” Chloe scoffed.


So that night about fifteen minutes before midnight, Sophie got changed into a white sleeveless shirt, green floral skirt and pink oxford shoes with jewel-embellished heels. Once she was ready, she and Hermione met Harry and Ron in the common room and all four of them hid under Harry’s invisibility cloak.


Once they had crept down stairs, they met Chloe on the way. Chloe was dressed in a camouflage shirt, white and black square pattern jeans and black biker boots. The complete opposite to Sophie. Once the five of them entered, they saw a massive pool of moonlight. “OK,” Hermione said, “It’s ten to twelve now. Sophie, Chloe stand in the moonlight. Then we’ll wait.”


“I don’t think so, Granger.” Spoke a voice from the shadows. It was Drco Malfoy.

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