Two Halves Of The Same Heart

Sophie is just a shy, quiet goody-goody muggle teenager who lives with her single mum. Chloe is an ordinary pureblood troublesome skilled and talented young witch who lives with her single dad. But when the two meet everything changes. Sophie and Chloe find out that their parents were once married and the two are two halves of the same person. Will the two work together to become one person or will they turn on each other and become two weaker beings who can’t live without the other?
(Note): Thanks to ATarnishedSoul for the amazing cover!


5. First Day

As the September sun rose over Hogwarts, Sophie sat up and looked around at the girls she was sharing a room with. In the bed to her left was Hermione Granger, her head of bushy brown hair poking out from under the covers. To her right was Lavender Brown, her wavy blonde hair, which had been pulled back into a single plait the night before, had almost fallen out. Then in the beds beside Lavender’s and Hermione’s were Pavarti and Padma Patil. From her bed, Sophie could just about see the top half of their coal black hair.


Once the others had woken, the five girls got dressed then went downstairs for breakfast. Standing in the doorway of the Great Hall, Sophie didn’t know who to sit with. So she perched herself next to Hermione, who she had met the night before. “Is it OK if I sit with you?” Sophie asked nervously. “Not at all,” Hermione smiled “Harry, Ron. This is Sophie.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Sophie.” Harry said. Sophie smiled back as Professor McGonagall handed out timetables.


“We have Herbology with Slytherin.” Ron huffed. So the four of them walked outside to where five greenhouses were. While waiting for our teacher to arrive, a girl walked up to Harry, Ron, Hermione and Sophie. To Sophie’s surprise, the girl looked exactly like her except the girl’s eyes were brown instead of blue and her hair was black instead of brown. “Hey, guys,” The girl said to the other three not noticing Sophie.


“Hi, Chloe.” Harry smiled at the girl “This is Sophie,” Harry stared for a bit then gathered the courage to continue “You two look exactly like each other.” Hermione and Ron turned around and both nearly had heart attacks when they looked at Sophie and the ‘Chloe’ girl. Then we looked at each other. Chloe nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw Sophie. “OMG!” Sophie squealed, “We could be sisters!”

“No way is she my sister,” Chloe said, “First of all, I don’t say stuff like ‘OMG’. Second, if she was my sister I would know about it.”


Sophie cringed a little. Then their Herbology teacher finally arrives. “Sorry I’m late class,” the short plump woman said “I was trying to find a good demonstration for the plant we will be growing today.” The class sighed the filed into the greenhouse. 

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