Two Halves Of The Same Heart

Sophie is just a shy, quiet goody-goody muggle teenager who lives with her single mum. Chloe is an ordinary pureblood troublesome skilled and talented young witch who lives with her single dad. But when the two meet everything changes. Sophie and Chloe find out that their parents were once married and the two are two halves of the same person. Will the two work together to become one person or will they turn on each other and become two weaker beings who can’t live without the other?
(Note): Thanks to ATarnishedSoul for the amazing cover!


10. Don't Mess

Now that she knew she and Sophie weren’t safe, Chloe decided to confront Malfoy. So during dinner Chloe decided to have a little chat with him. “It’s rude to listen in on peoples conversation,” She said aloud “You of all people should know that, Draco.”


“What are you talking about?” Malfoy asked. “Don’t play dumb with me, Malfoy,” Chloe snapped at him “Sophie saw you spying on us. What did you hear? Huh?”

“Listen, here Lovelock,” Malfoy whispered “All I’m going to say is you won’t get away with it.”

“What we are doing is none of your business plus it isn’t breaking any rules.” Chloe argued back then left the table with a huff.


That pathetic little git Chloe thought as she stomped off to Slytherin Dungeon. She slammed the door to the girls’ dormitory shut, which made Ashleigh Dockyard, another fourth-year Slytherin girl, jump. “What’s wrong, Chloe?” she asked. “Non of your business!” Chloe screamed with anger.  She jumped onto her bed and started shouting into her pillow. While she continued to do this Pansy, Laurel and Daphne came in. “What wrong with her?” Laurel asked.


Ashleigh just shrugged. The four Slytherin girl just stared at Chloe and listen to her shout things into her pillow. It was as if she had lost her mind. After a while Chloe sat up. Ashleigh, Pansy, Laurel and Daphne had gone into the common room so she was alone. She quickly remembered what Malfoy had said to her. So she jumped off of her bed and scribbled something down onto some parchment. Chloe folded it up put it onto her bedside table and started to get into her pyjamas.


After she was in her pyjamas, Chloe climbed into bed. Today had been very uneventful. Uneventful days always made her tired. The only interesting thing that happened that day was probably Chloe screaming into her pillow. So Chloe closed her eyes. She started to see a raven fly across a stormy sky in her mind. Raven Chloe thought a perfect middle name for Sophie and I. Chloe smiled as she drifted off.

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