My Bestfriends Sister

Zayn's little sister Ariana, go to a movie premiere for the guys new movie. Harry, Liam and Louis come to. Harry starts to have feelings for her after hanging out with her. What will Zayn say about his best friend dating his little sis?


10. What Happens At Zayn's


             Ariana's POV.

         ''Hey, Ariana; dinner is ready. Oh, and the guys are here.'' I really didn't like it when Zayn invited the whole group for dinner. The only reason I said yes to it was because of Harry. If we weren't dating I totally would not say yes.

  ''Coming,'' I heard the creak of the door downstairs. So the guys must be here. I walked down our shiny staircase and saw everyone sitting to the table and eating before we say grace. ''Hey guys,'' They all turned and looked at me. ''Ever heard pray over the food before you just eat?'' They stopped eating I sat down next to Harry.

  Zayn and Niall both looked at us during dinner. I was still a bit angry at Zayn for coming to McDonalds and sitting with us.

  ''So, I Niall I think it is the right time to ask. How come when we are on talks shows you are always taking credit for our songs we write together?'' Zayn asked. I dropped my fork down on my plate. ''What talking about Zayn-'' ''I think you know what talking about NIALL.'' ''Guys let's just come down and eat.'' Liam exclaimed. ''FINE,'' Zayn said. ''I just asked a question though. Don't I deserve an answer?'' ''Yes, and I will give you one when we are in private.'' ''NO, I want one now.'' ''Zayn?'' I asked he was really being a jerk right now. It's like he just SNAPPED. Out of nowhere. ''Ariana, stay out of this.'' Zayn made it sound like a demand. ''Now, Niall what is this answer that I have been waiting for?'' ''Dude, just leave me alone okay.'' ''NO,'' Niall stood up and through his arm back as if he wanted to slap my brother. Harry put his arm between Zayn and Niall. ''We are friend here we can work this out.'' Liam said. ''It is just a question.'' I know that Zayn was doing this on purpose. So he could make Niall look bad. But why? ''Dude, I am about to flip on you.'' ''OH MY GOD IT IS JUST A SIMPLE QEUSTION.'' Zayn stood up in front of Niall. ''No, what the question is. Is why is your best friend dating your little sister and you didn't have a clue about it?'' Everyone was silent for a moment. ''Yeah that's right; I can be a pain in the butt too.'' Niall sat back in his seat. Zayn pushed Niall out of his seat. He fell to the floor then Zayn looked over to me and Harry. GET THE HECK OUT HARRY.'' Then Zayn ran over to Harry and intended to punch him. But Liam and Luis had to grab him. Harry was about to leave before I grabbed his hand. ''I want to go with you Harry,'' He took my hand off of his and walked out. I ran out the door trying to catch up with him but it was to late. After that I fell to the ground and saw Zayn pushing everyone out of the house. ''GO, GO,''

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