My Bestfriends Sister

Zayn's little sister Ariana, go to a movie premiere for the guys new movie. Harry, Liam and Louis come to. Harry starts to have feelings for her after hanging out with her. What will Zayn say about his best friend dating his little sis?


7. Something Wierd Is Going On

   Zayn's POV.

      ''Dude, something strange is going on with Zayn and Ariana. Check it out. Yesterday they both stayed after we all left. Then I heard noises coming from Ariana's room. The day before that they started hanging out.'' I told Niall while eating French toast sticks. ''Zayn, they probably want to be friends. Nothing serious really.'' Niall was hesitating while saying this. Maybe I should talk to Liam or Louis because Niall is acting strange too.

  ''Whatever, I gotta go home and uh... do laundry.'' I lied. I stood up  went out the door. And went to Harry's house. I knocked on the door not being able to think about what I wanted to say. Nobody answered. I looked in and nobody was there. But his car is here though.  ''Dang it, Ariana.'' They probably went in Ariana's car But she would have told me. Maybe she is hurt or in pain or even dead. I went home and saw her car was gone. I hate that she may be hurting somewhere alone and Harry with her. Maybe they have been hostages now?

 When I found them they were at McDonalds. ''Guys,'' I said. ''What?'' Ariana asked timidly. ''I wa -s worried sick about you guys.'' ''Wait are you guys,?'' ''No, we were both just bored and hungry at the same time.'' Harry said boldly  ''So we ate here'' Ariana said. ''Oh, mind if I join just to make sure that nothing get's to serious.


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